Glenn Fleisch, Ph.D., MFT

Licensed psychotherapist

Location: 526 Tennessee Street, Vallejo 94590
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Fleisch.
Stress & TraumaDepression
AddictionsRelationship issues
Life impassesAnxiety and pain

There is a wisdom in the body that knows how to heal and move us forward in the right direction. My approach shows how to access the body's intelligence to reawaken energy, transform patterns and restore spirit- forming a new stance in life, and living with intention.

Lawrence Tunis, Ed.D, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Location: 526 Tennessee Street , Vallejo 94590
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Tunis.
Gender IdentityAnxiety
DepressionGrief & Loss

My therapy style blends psychodynamic, relational and cognitive-behavioral approaches on a foundation of real life experience and compassion, with a touch of humor thrown in. I specialize in matters concerning anxiety, depresion, grief and gender identity

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With a population of over 115,000 Vallejo is the largest city in Solano County. Vallejo is about 30 miles north of San Francisco and located along San Pablo Bay. It is within driving distance of Point Reyes National Seashore. Mare Island, located along the shore of Vallejo, was once reserved solely for government use.1 In May 2007, the city of Vallejo became the largest city in California to declare bankruptcy. It was said that the primary reason for this was the large amount of funds that went to public safety workers. Way back in 1851, Vallejo was actually for a short time the capital of California. Because the city failed to construct a proper capitol building, this honor did not stick and eventually the capital moved to Sacramento.

Mental Health in Vallejo

Vallejo is a medium-sized city in the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is home to many different peoples, with a large population of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic residents. Additionally, nearly 30 percent of Vallejo citizens are under the age of 18.2 Because each of these populations is generally underserved when it comes to mental health care, city and county governments, as well as other public and private agencies have made it a priority to provide quality, accessible healthcare for all.

The Fighting Back Partnership is a coalition of local government agencies, businesses, and citizens that seek to improve neighborhoods, strengthen families, and provide support services for the city's youth. Mentorship and tutoring programs are available for children who are at-risk of academic failure or of entering the juvenile justice system. Neighborhood-based resource centers provide families with resources they need to develop knowledge and skills required to improve family and community functioning. Neighborhood revitalization programs are also offered. For more information about these programs, or to make a donation, call 707-648-5230.3

Current Initiatives

The Student Mental Health Initiative promotes strategies and programs that improve the mental health of K-12 and college students throughout the state of California. The initiative specifically focuses on peer-to-peer support activities, suicide prevention programs, and programs that support and promote good mental health. Additionally, the initiative seeks to improve cooperation between schools and local mental health services providers in order to establish a seamless system of intervention, prevention and support services for the state's youth.4


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