Vaughn Baker, MA, Counseling Psychology

Marriage and Family Therapist (Intern # 46850)

Location: 525 Estudillo Ave Suite F, San Leandro
Individual CounselingDomestic Violence Counseling
Couples CounselingAnger Management
Family CounselingParenting Education
Group CounselingIndividual/Group Coaching

These sessions are designed to empower participants to establish techneques for identifing and resolving the underlying issues which lead to conflict.

Chloe Lankshear, M.Ed, Ed.S, MFTI

Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
Couples therapyAdolescents
Blended familiesLife Coaching
Divorce MediationAnxiety

I work with couples who wish to improve their relationships. I also work with couples going through separation and divorce, supporting them with separating amicably and developing a co-operative, business-like co-parenting relationship.

Mey Saephan, MS

Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
Marital & Family TherapyGrief & Trauma
Attachment TherapyMood Disorders
Cultural And Religious IssuesPTSD
Depression & Anxiety

Ever wonder why love relationships were fine until they got married? Come and learn why & gain new skills to beat what appears to be a curse that every marriage is subject to. You can enjoy your marriage and learn how to make your spouse feel that life is worth living.

Dan Quinn, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA

I help couples with low to high conflict who may want to save--or simply improve--their relationship. I work with couples with trauma, porn addiction, infidelity, or a history of unproductive conflict. Sometimes couples just need a little help through a crisis.

Valerie Doyle, MA

LMFT & Life Coach

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
Relationship CounselingCommunication
Women's IssuesAnxiety & Depression
Feeling StuckPremarital Counseling
TraumaGrief & Loss Issues

My approach in working with couples is to partner with you to explore and identify the underlying causes connected to the communication breakdowns & repetitive disagreements. You will be given tools to rebuild and create deeper intimacy and better communication.

Esther Lerman, M.A., M.F.T.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
Relationship IssuesCo-Dependency
Couples TherapyDivorce Recovery
Women's IssuesMen's Issues
Adult Children Of AlcoholicsSand Tray Therapy

Relationships are the basic fabric of our lives, but they can be so hard. I have 24 years of experience creating a safe space for couples to deal with the struggles of miscommunication, distancing, fighting, over-involvement, getting needs met, and many other issues.

Jayn Rajandran, LMFT, CGE, DTS, MA I/O Psychology

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
8 Weeks' Singles GroupCouples Therapy, Conflict
Dating Issues, CommunicationSubstance Abuse, Alcohol Drugs
Depression, AnxietyMental Health Diagnosis
LGBT, Bipolar, TraumaAddiction, alcohol and drugs

Therapy is extremely focused and in most cases, clients are able to discharge from therapy within 3-6 months, esp if it's a life transition problem. Some clients are in treatment for a longer period, due to severe trauma, abuse, mental health symptoms or road-blocks.

Philippe Nicolay, MS, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
Individual PsychotherapyCouples Counseling
Trauma Recovery / EmdrFertility Issues
Anxiety & DepressionStress Managment
Addiction RecoveryTeenagers

I thoroughly enjoy aiding couples in their ability to communicate with one another so they can fully enjoy the potential of their relationship. Facilitating deeper understanding in your and your partners feelings enable you as a couple to grow closer & stronger.

Matthew Lindgren, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
Couples & Marriage CounselingEMDR For Adults & Children
Depression And AnxietyPTSD & Panic Attacks
Child Trauma & Abuse TherapyPerformance Fears & Phobias
Somatic Experiencing, HypnosisSocial Anxiety & Social Phobia

SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Matthew Lindgren is a licensed marriage therapist who offers marriage counseling and couples therapy - from techniques based on research - in downtown Oakland.

Sabrina Hinojosa, MS, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: San Leandro, CA
ParentingSubstance Abuse
Self EsteemAnxiety And Depression

Warm, compassionate, skilled psychotherapy for couples. My work is rooted in mindfulness which helps us to slow down and make space for change and exploration. I work with couples to mend and heal the relationship, to explore and grow, or to prepare for a change.

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