Jeannie Bertoli, PhD

Divorce Counselor & Coach

Location Near Therapist: Washington, DC
Crisis ManagementLGBT

Angry with your ex? Worried about your kids? You are not alone! Many people suffer during and after divorce with overwhelming feelings of frustration, anger, and powerlessness. If this sounds like you, please know there is help available.

Lisa Brown, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: Connecticut Avenuw, NW, Washington 20008
Personal Growth For WomenMarriage/Couples' Counseling
Christian CounselingTrauma Recovery
Therapeutic Groups For WomenEmotional Wellness

I offer individual (women), couples and group counseling to help turn life challenges into growth opportunities. I assist you to identify thoughts and beliefs that may be hindering you and to optimize your strengths to meet your goals. Free phone consultation.

Larry Drell, MD

Psychiatrist / psychotherapist

Location: 3000 Connecticut Ave, Washington 20008
Marriage And Couple CounselingStress Management
Self EsteemSexual Therapy

Worried about everything ? Depressed? Anxious? Feel like something is missing in your relationships,your career or your life ? Feeling stuck ? I am an MD psychiatrist who does both talk therapy and medication. I help people when they feel stuck and without hope

Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Location: Washington 20004
Emotional IssuesPartner Conflict/Relational
Behavior ChangePeak Performance
AddictionLife Coaching
Weight LossExecutive Coaching

Grey Matters International, Inc and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, not counseling or the professional practice of psychology. We help the brain do the changing with powerful technology that can dramatically reduce time,frustration, and money spent on your goals

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Counseling Washington, DC

When one thinks of Washington, D.C. of course the Capitol, Smithsonian, and monuments galore come to mind, but the city offers much more than what one might expect. One family-friendly attraction is the National Zoo, where admission is completely free. The National Museum of Natural History serves as a highly educational, yet entertaining, attraction for the entire family to enjoy. Children and teenagers can jump out of their seats at IMAX films, exhibits, as well as hand-on activities at nearby attractions.1 If you are in the mood for performances of all types including musical, dancing, poetry, and more, be sure to visit the Wolf Trap Farm Park; not only is this location gorgeous, but all shows are appropriate for children of all ages.

Mental Health in Washington

Although Washington, D.C. is home to only 650,000 people - nearly all of which are White or African-American2 - as the seat of our nation's government, it is representative of the many peoples and cultures that comprise the United States. However, Washington, D.C. struggles to provide adequate services to some citizens who need mental health attention. Nearly 30,000 children and adults in D.C. live with a serious mental illness, but only 42 percent of adults in the city receive the services they need. As a result, the city's criminal justice system handles a large number of cases involving children and adults whose mental health needs have gone unmet.3

The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. offers a number of behavioral health services to adults who live with a mental illness. Licensed counselors conduct support groups for people dealing with grief, anger and emotional trauma. There is also a Community Support Services division, which oversees community outreach and education. Their educational services focus on helping clients develop healthy coping mechanisms, relapse prevention strategies and finding housing and employment. If you are in need of behavioral health services, the Catholic Charities can be contacted at 202-635-5900.4

Current Education

George Washington University is one of the nation's premiere colleges and offers a comprehensive program in counselor education for those who seek to work in the field of mental health. The program includes multiple post-master's degree options and is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). Graduates from the program are eligible for licensure in the city through the Board of Professional Counseling.5


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