Susan Blank, MS, LAPC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Roswell, GA
Anxiety, Stress, WorryDepression
Life TransitionsCrisis/Trauma/Grief & Loss
Couples CounselingAddictions/Co-dependence
Mindfulness-Based TherapyPersonal Growth & Fulfillment

Maintaining an intimate relationship is one of the most rewarding and yet challenging endeavors in life. I help couples create a shared vision by improving Communication Skills, Intimacy & Boundaries; and by healing the hurt of Conflicts, Affairs, Addictions, Mistrust.

Jacqueline Dyer, M.A., LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Roswell, GA
Depression, Anxiety, TraumaParent Coaching
Marriage/ Couples CounselingEating Disorders
Play Therapy- Child/AdolescentSubstance Abuse
Family Therapy

As a Marriage and Family Specialist, I use a variety of individualized treatment methods, including Couples Counseling, Family Therapy, and Play Therapy to assist with issues such as communication, infidelity, marital conflict, and parent-child relational difficulties.

Greg Griffin, M.A.

Licensed Christian Pastoral Counselor, Ordained Minister

Location Near Therapist: Roswell, GA
Divorce InterventionAdolescent Crises
Marriage RepairPre- Marriage Counseling
Spiritual IssuesRelationship Restoration
Men's IssuesAnger Management

Every marriage has its troubles along the way. I can help you find hope and healing in your relationship. You may think you have tried everything, but it may be you have just tried everything you can think of. Take the first step. Contact me to explore solutions.

We Believe In Saving Marriages And Restoring Relationships. Find Family & Couples Counseling Roswell, GA.

Welcome to our Georgia directory of values-centered relationship and family therapists in Roswell. Marriage Counseling through Theravive believes that your marriage is worth saving. Our deepest goal with couples counseling Roswell family therapy is to see broken relationships healed to the joy of all parties involved. We know sometimes that is not possible, and in those cases we seek to restore the individual with the help of a trained marriage counselor. Roswell Family and couples Counseling begins the process of healing by identifying the issues, rebuilding communication, and putting in place a practical plan to cultivate a healthy and rewarding relationship. If you have stumbled upon our Roswell marriage Counselor page, we invite you to consider the many beneifts a Roswell family therapist or psychologist in Georgia can provide you. If you are dealing with life after an affair, or suffering from a loss of intimacy, a breakdown of communication, child custody, divorce or separation, financial hardship- whatever the issue, we are here to help you. All of our marriage and family therapists in Roswell, Georgia will work together with you to address your concerns and begin a new path towards healing and happiness. Your family, relationships, and marriage are important to us, no matter what the issue. Divorce and separation are always a last resort. Theravive's Georgia family & couples counseling network is here to help you. Please contact a Roswell marriage Counselor or couples therapist with any questions you may have.

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