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Melissa Sanchez, LCPC, BC-DMT

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist
Phone & Email:  Contact Melissa

155 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 603, Chicago, IL 60601

Couples, Families and Relationships

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Addiction
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia & Psychosis
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Care for Healers
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Anita A. Chlipala, MA, MEd, LMFT

Relationship Therapist-Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Phone & Email:  Contact Anita A.

70 E. Lake Street Suite 222, Chicago, IL 60601

My approach is based on effective strategies to increase relationship satisfaction & happiness and give you the knowledge & skills that you can use daily to have a better relationship. With a few tools, you can have the kind of relationship you've always wanted.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Couples/Marital Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Infidelity/Cheating
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Divorce
  • Dating
  • Personal Growth/Coaching
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Jennifer Gibson, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Phone & Email:  Contact Jennifer

2650 W Montrose, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60618

I have extensive experience working with children, parents, and families on issues related to behavior management and parent training, developmental disabilities, and childhood trauma.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Early Childhood
  • Adolescence
  • Parenting
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Aversive Experiences
  • Performance Issues

Joseph Gottfried, MA

Marriage and Couples Counselor ~ Couples Counseling Chicago
Phone & Email:  Contact Joseph

Within Driving Distance of Chicago, IL

Are You Worried About a Possible Break-up? Has conflict and distance taken over your marriage or committed relationship? I'd like to help. The approach I use resolves the root of cause of your relationship problems, so you can have more love, trust, and happiness.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Infidelity And Trust Issues
  • Sexual Issues
  • Family Issues

InnerVoice Psychotherapy & Consultation, LCSW, LCPC, LMFT

InnerVoice Psychotherapy & Consultation
Phone & Email:  Contact InnerVoice Psychotherapy & Consultation

180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 531, Chicago, IL 60601

Couples, Families and Relationships

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Life Transition
  • Grief/Loss
  • Trauma
  • Health/Wellness

Samantha Elliott, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Contact Samantha

1409 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613

I work with couples to identify the break downs in communication in order to restore deep mutual love and respect. Each member of the couple will learn to understand their partner's language and intentions so that neither person is left unheard or invalidated.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Healthy Stress Coping
  • Physical Health Management
  • Self Worth
  • Optimization of Performance
  • Goal Achievement
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Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D. and Associates, P.C.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Company President
Phone & Email:  Contact Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D. and Associates, P.C.

Chicago, IL

Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D. & Associates, P.C. has two Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) on staff that have specific expertise providing solution-focused counseling for couples and families in distress. We also offer relationship enrichment counseling.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Marriage And Family Counseling
  • Child Psychology
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD / Defiant Children
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Medication Management
  • Social Work Services

Bill Harrison, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone & Email:  Contact Bill

Within Driving Distance of Chicago, IL

I work with couples of all sexualities, married or otherwise partnered, who want help with improved communication, parenting, recovery from infidelity and a wide variety of issues that inevitably surface when you are in a long term relationship.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Men's Issues
  • Artist's Issues
  • Grief recovery
  • Identity Issues
  • Trauma recovery

Portrait Health Centers, Chicago, IL

Psychologists/Counselors/Dietitians/Psychological Testing
Phone & Email:  Contact Portrait Health Centers

500 N. Michigan, Avenue, Suite 1530, Chicago, IL 60611

Couples, Families and Relationships - At Portrait Health Centers we provide marriage counseling services to help couples and families recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • counseling
  • therapy
  • grief counseling
  • marriage counseling
  • stress
  • peer relationships

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant
Phone & Email:  Contact Kevin

Chicago, IL 60608

Though we are not licensed marriage counselors, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides cutting edge brain optimization and rebalancing technology to better align the minds of partners to reduce conflict, increase hope---for the brain has the final word on change.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Emotional Issues
  • Partner Conflict/Relational
  • Behavior Change
  • Peak Performance
  • Addiction
  • Life Coaching
  • Weight Loss
  • Executive Coaching

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City of Chicago

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The Magnificent Mile, The Loop/State Street, Gold Coast, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lakeview / Southport

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the Midwest and is making strides to provide a foundation for the seniors in the community.  The Chicago Department of aging hosts a variety of events each year to support the senior residents of the community.  In addition, there are 5 senior centers built in separate regions of Chicago to provide support and activities for the senior residents.  These senior centers are designed to support individuals and their spouses over the age of 60.  Chicago is known for its caregiver training, wellness programs, and monthly meetings to discuss senior’s issues, and computer centers that are designed to support the community within the senior centers.  Each of these centers is located conveniently for public transportation and the parking is provided free on behalf of the city of Chicago.  As a result of the commitment to the elderly, Chicago has a Senior Citizens Hall of Fame.  This center recognizes 50 seniors every year for their contributions to the community as a way to encourage involvement and activity. 

Chicago: The trade and transit hub of the Midwest

Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837 as a trade hub during America’s westward expansion in the decades following the Louisiana Purchase. The Windy City remains an important part of U.S. trade with 50% of rail freight passing through the city.1. Chicago also boasts the busiest air traffic in the nation, with two major international airports; O’Hare and Midway.

In addition to the city’s thriving trade and transit industries, Chicago has more than 1 million households,2 translating to roughly 25% of households in entire state of Illinois.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in Chicago

With 23.1% of Chicago’s population under the age of 18, there is a vital need for family related mental health services for the city’s low-income families. Fortunately, organizations like Metropolitan Family Services provide counseling and mental health services for families of all shapes and size across Chicago 3.For more information on these services, parents are asked to call (312) -986-4000.

Family Services and Assistance Programs

In addition to family services, Chicago hosts a variety of programs that benefit married men and women across the city. Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) provides couples counseling for low-income individuals and their spouses. 4. For more information please call (773) 769-0205.


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