Brad Little, B.A., M.Ed., M.Div., D.Min., RTC, CCC

Counselling Therapist

Location: Location of Therapist: Fredericton, NB, E3B 9M7
Marriage/Relationship IssuesGrief Recovery
Addictive BehavioursChristian/Spirituality Issues
Workplace IssuesMen's Issues

Even the best of relationships can run into rough patches. We may come to view each other differently, no longer as a team mate, but as an adversary. Brad will help you rediscover how good your relationship can be. We can't change each other - but I can change me!

Rosemary Whitlock, M.Ed. CCC

Masters in Counselling Psychology

Location: 212 Queen Street, Suite 208A, Fredericton E3B 1A7
Couples/ RelationshipsIndividual Counselling
Anxiety/DepressionStress Management
Career And Life TransitionsAnger Management
Overcoming Fears

" Changing confusion and chaos to a deeper, healthier relationship, one individual, one couple at a time....with Imago Relationship Therapy"

Kate Tingley, MA, MED, CCC

Kate Tingley Counselling Services

Location: 212 Queen St, Suite 202D, Fredericton E3B 1A7
Let Go Of Fear And AnxietyOvercome Depression
Increase ConfidenceOvercome Grief And Loss
Overcome Work ConcernsResolve Relationship Concerns
Overcome Trauma ImpactsOvercome Social Shyness

Communication is the cornerstone to a solid, loving relationship with your partner. Live a satisfying and loving life with your partner. Create a strong connection and improve communication. Overcome obstacles and destructive patterns.

Alice Finnamore, L. Psyc., B. Th, M.A. (Psyc.)

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 208E - 212 Queen St., Fredericton E3B 1A8
Dreams And NightmaresDepression
RelationshipsPain Management
Work RelationshipsLearning Disability Assessment

Couples, Families and Relationships Communication training helps couples negotiate through the changing needs of their relationship. Alice will serve as your coach as you improve your ability to voice your own needs and better meet those of your spouse.

Andrea Sullivan, M.Ed., C.C.C.

Rivervalley Restorative Counselling

Location: 132 Main Street, Suite 201, Fredericton E3A 1C7
StressFamily Violence
AnxietyRelationship Issues
Anger12 Step Principles

A marriage is like a three legged race. The outside legs represent the individuals that make up the couple. The middle leg represents the identity as a couple. If any leg is injured or out of sync, the relationship will stumble. I'll help your marriage run smoothly!

Kevin Culberson, MA, MEd, CCC, CTS

Certified Counselor

Location: 212 Queen St, Fredericton E3A 1W6
RelationshipsTrauma, Loss &Grief
Spiritual/ ChristianMarriage, Separation & Divorce

I have thirty years experience working with couples who are preparing for marriage, seeking support to deal with marital/family/parenting issues and struggling with marriage/family breakdown. Communication/relationship/parenting skills are examined and addressed.

We Believe In Saving Marriages And Restoring Relationships. Find Family & Couples Counselling Fredericton, NB.

Welcome to our New Brunswick directory of values-centered relationship and family therapists in Fredericton. Marriage Counselling through Theravive believes that your marriage is worth saving. Our deepest goal with couples counselling Fredericton family therapy is to see broken relationships healed to the joy of all parties involved. We know sometimes that is not possible, and in those cases we seek to restore the individual with the help of a trained marriage counselor. Fredericton Family and couples Counselling begins the process of healing by identifying the issues, rebuilding communication, and putting in place a practical plan to cultivate a healthy and rewarding relationship. If you have stumbled upon our Fredericton marriage Counsellor page, we invite you to consider the many beneifts a Fredericton family therapist or psychologist in New Brunswick can provide you. If you are dealing with life after an affair, or suffering from a loss of intimacy, a breakdown of communication, child custody, divorce or separation, financial hardship- whatever the issue, we are here to help you. All of our marriage and family therapists in Fredericton, New Brunswick will work together with you to address your concerns and begin a new path towards healing and happiness. Your family, relationships, and marriage are important to us, no matter what the issue. Divorce and separation are always a last resort. Theravive's New Brunswick family & couples counselling network is here to help you. Please contact a Fredericton marriage Counsellor or couples therapist with any questions you may have.

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