David Behar, MA, LMFT

David Behar Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call David.
Substance Abuse/RecoveryWork Related Stress
Sexuality/OrientationPurpose/Existential Issues
Men's IssuesWoman's Issues

I work mostly with adult couples and individuals. Areas of specialty are depression/anxiety, substance abuse, work related stress, men's issues, personal growth. My unique approach incorporates existential, cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Gary Trosclair, LCSW, DMA

Psychotherapist, LCSW, Certified Jungian Analyst

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Gary.
DepressionRelationship Issues
AnxietyPersonal Growth
Couples CounselingMidlife Transition
Low Self-Esteem

Psychotherapy helps to relieve suffering through awareness, understanding, and personal change. By providing a safe and reliable setting to get to know all the different parts of ourselves, therapy allows us to integrate them in a harmonious way.

Staci Rosenberg, LCSWR, CEC

Psychotherapist & Personal Life Coach

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Staci.
Life CoachingFamilies
LGBTDepression & Anxiety
SinglesIndependence & Empowerment

My practice focuses on Psychotherapy and Life Coaching; Individual, Group, Couple, Family, Child & Adolescent, and LGBT. Live a Life By Design LCSW, PLLC - Creating the life you want and desire! I have been practicing since 1997.

Maggie O'Connor, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Maggie.
Couples CounselingRelationship Conflict
Repeating CyclesDepression
AnxietyMarriage Preparation

You deserve to have relationships that feel connected and supportive. With compassion and clinical expertise, I help couples and individuals address roadblocks and create meaningful, lasting change in their lives.

The Imago Way, Psy.D. & L.C.S.W.

Licensed Psychologist & Licensed Social Worker

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call The Imago Way.
Couples TherapyMarital Therapy
Relationship ProblemsDivorce
Family ConflictCommunication Problems
SeparationLife Stress

We believe that through safety and trust, individuals and couples can learn, grow and heal. We meet our clients where they are at, support them, and guide them towards becoming more conscious in their relationships and in their lives.

Hal Brickman, LCSW, RCSW, CSW, MSW, CHT, BS

New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Hal.
Marriage Counseling Couples Counseling
Women's IssuesIndividual Psychotherapy
Cognitive Behavior TherapyLife-Coaching
Short-Term CounselingHypnotherapy

It wasn't always this way. There was a time you looked forward to being with each other. Hal is an experienced, highly regarded expert who has helped hundreds of couples regain love and vitality. Trust and intimacy. This is a serious but joyful journey.

Iris McGuire, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. McGuire.
Relationship IssuesPanic Attacks
Fears And PhobiasAlcoholism
Social AnxietyAssertiveness Skills

I believe that given the right tools in a supportive environment, by an experienced and compassionate therapist, almost any patient can overcome anxiety and depression and move on to a happier life.

Donna Schinik, L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Donna.
Relationship issuesDivorce/Separation issues
Low self-esteemChildren's behavioral issues
Eating DisordersAdjustment disorders

When YOU or your child are having a problem its important to have a place where issues can be explored safely. Often the key to feeling better is finding someone who can listen objectively and provide supportive feedback and professional intervention.

Susan Galperin, LCSW LCADC SAP


Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Susan.
Children and AdolescentsAdoption
Anger Trauma

I am a licensed clinical social worker offering individualized services including consultation, individual, marriage and family therapy. I have 28 years working with adolescents and adults with issues that impact upon their lives. See susangalperin.com

Phyllis Y. Sachs-Yasgur, LCSW-R, EMDR

Clinical Social Worker

Location Near Therapist: Mount Vernon, NY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Phyllis.
Family RelationshipsAnxiety And Depression
Chronic Or Sudden IllnessTrauma
Grief & LossDivorce

Ms. Sachs-Yasgur is an experienced, licensed clinical social worker with specialized training in the treatment of trauma, chronic illness, and loss. She works with children, adolescents and families. She believes in helping people to discover their inner strengths.

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Town of Mount Vernon
New York State Education Department Office of Mental Health Professions

Therapy Mount Vernon, NY

Counseling Pelham Manor, Ederwald, Pelham, Bronxville, New Rochelle

Mount Vernon, New York is a beautiful and interesting city. Families that live in the northern part of the city enjoy a more suburban feel, while families in the southern part of the city live in a distinctly urban area. In fact, Mount Vernon borders the borough of The Bronx, making it convenient for the city's residents to enjoy all the amenities of the New York City area. The city's library was built in 1904 by Andrew Carnegie, and is a great place to see early 20th Century architecture, as well as to pick up your favorite book. The downtown area of the city is bustling with great local shops and restaurants for the whole family to enjoy. For fun outdoor adventures, head over to Willson's Woods Park to enjoy a wave pool, water slides, fishing, and picnicking.1 There's all sorts of fun things to do in Mount Vernon!

Mental Health in Mount Vernon

Individuals who struggle with compulsive eating can find the assistance and support they need to overcome their behavior through Overeaters Anonymous of Westchester. This twelve-step program guides people through the process of resolving the emotional problems that lead one to compulsive eating. Groups are free and totally anonymous. Groups meet throughout the year at various locations in Westchester County. Various workshops and training opportunities are also available for those who wish to increase their understanding of addiction and compulsive behaviors. Visit Overeaters Anonymous of Westchester's website for further details.2

The City of Mount Vernon Youth Bureau offers a number of programs for the city's young people that focus on personal development, improved self-esteem, increased social skills, and improved overall mental health. The youth Empowerment Program provides at-risk youth with community service opportunities to learn self-respect and gain feelings of self-worth. For young people transitioning into adulthood, adult mentoring programs provide guidance and stability to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible. Those in need of social support can take part in the Safe Haven Program, which provides drop-in services to children during after-school hours. More detailed information is available by calling 914-665-2344.3

Mentally ill residents of Westchester County that have been unable to access services they are entitled to can participate in programs offered by Choice Advocacy and Case Management Services. This non-profit agency seeks to fill the gaps in mental health services for those most in need. Each individual will receive assistance in devising goals for improved functioning and a greater sense of empowerment and control over one's life. The agency's person-centered services ensure the unique needs of each individual are met. Most of the agency's staff members have struggled with mental illness, addiction, or other behavioral health issues, so they understand the difficulties that clients may be having. To learn more about these programs, call 914-576-0173.4

Current Initiatives

The Children's Village engages in homeless outreach programs that specifically target children and teens who have run away from home. The organization's street outreach counselors help kids get off the street, into safe housing, back into school, and into programs to support social and emotional needs so they can get their life pointed in a more positive direction. Services are provided in a manner that is engaging to youth and that fosters a trust between them and the outreach staff. From hot meals to referrals for housing to crisis intervention and prevention services, these outreach programs protect and improve the lives of needy children each and every day. For additional details, or to make a donation to the agency, call 914-693-0600.5


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