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When you need serious treatment from leading professionals, Delta's Medical Center's array of services in medicine, surgery, and psychiatry are here to help.


Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Location Near Therapist: Memphis, TN
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My mission is to provide life experience, wisdom and creative intuition to help you stop unwanted obsessive thoughts & behaviors with direction, life skills and spiritual guidance toward a more emotionally balanced life.

Paul Hambrick, M. Ed., LPC/MHSP


Location Near Therapist: Memphis, TN
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Anger ManagementAddiction: Drugs, Porn, Food
Anxiety & StressDepression and Guilt & Despair
Trauma & PTSDFear, Worry & Phobias
Relationship IssuesGrief & Loss

My primary goal for every first session is to truly listen, so that you know that a caring, Christian therapist is fully engaged with you and your problem(s). Counseling is solution-focused while exploring for root causes, insight and productive change options.

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Therapist Memphis Tennessee

Counselor Midtown, East Memphis, Overton Park, Cooper-Young

The largest city in Tennessee, Memphis was named after the ancient Egyptian city Memphis. Originally, the Chickasaw Indian tribe settled Memphis, but the modern city came into being in 1820 and was founded by James Overton, James Winchester, and Andrew Jackson. Memphis followed the ebb and flow of most of America until the Twentieth Century. It really became an economic powerhouse in the early 1900s when it became the largest market for spot cotton, mules, and hardwood lumber. The Memphis entrepreneur, Clarence Saunders, started two very important businesses in Memphis: the self-service grocery store and the supermarket. Saunders made a lot of money off of these ventures, but eventually lost it due to stock manipulations. His home, the Pink Palace, has become one of the city's many museums.1

Mental Health in Memphis

Nearly 250,000 people in Tennessee suffer from a mental illness, many of which live in metropolitan areas such as Memphis. Of these, approximately 66,000 are children. Since Tennessee is only able to serve about 34 percent of those in need of mental health care, numerous people go untreated. As such, hundreds of people each year commit suicide in Tennessee and thousands more are incarcerated or live on the streets.2

Memphis residents who are in need of mental health care can find the services they require at the Comprehensive Counseling Network (CCN). CCN has two offices in the Memphis area to serve the needs of the community. Case management and counseling programs are available for children, adults, and families. As a large amount of CCN's programs are funded by the state of Tennessee, TennCare, and the United Way, services are provided to all clients, regardless of ability to pay. Additional information about CCN is available by calling 901-353-5440.3

Current Education

The University of Memphis offers a number of graduate programs that prepare students to work in the mental health field. Students can specialize in a number of areas, including Clinical Mental Health, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, and Rehabilitation Counseling. Each program builds knowledge and skills that are necessary for effective clinical practice. Each program is also fully accredited. Graduates are eligible for licensure in the state of Tennessee. For further information about these degree programs, please call 901-678-2841.4


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