Lorna F. Acuna, LMFT Associate

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy Associate

Location Near Therapist: Spring, TX
Fast Contact: Email or Call Lorna F..
relational therapy (individuals)family therapy
couple & marriage therapychildren & teen therapy
play therapyEMDR - bilateral stimulation
breast cancer & illnesslife change & divorce

Life has brought unexpected changes and you are struggling to cope. I understand. Allow me to help. My passion is people, young and old and in between. I work and play with children, teens, parents, couples, families, divorced families and extended families.

Ron Gravis, MA, LPC, LCDC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Spring, TX
Fast Contact: Email or Call Ron.
Sexual AddictionSubstance Addiction
Abusive RelationshipsSame Sex Attraction
DivorceMood Disorders

I focus on/value your needs first. As we check-in together, connection, trust and comfort create an honest space for you to share and grow. I base my successes on deeply relational work, insight formation and therapies which emphasize mind/body/spirit atunement.

Kelley Dawson, Masters in Counseling

Counselor at The Woodlands Eating Disorders Center

Location Near Therapist: Spring, TX
Fast Contact: Email or Call Kelley.
Eating DisordersAnxiety
DepressionTrauma and PTSD

The last thing I want is for you to KEEP bearing this burden alone. You've done enough of that, I can imagine. What if you could stop feeling this stressed, worried, and stuck? I would love to hear your story and help you get there.

Lois Thomson-Bowersock, MA, LCDC, ADC III, ICADC, CET-II

Senior Partner & Counselor

Location Near Therapist: Spring, TX
Fast Contact: Email or Call Lois.
Addictions & Substance AbuseDysfunctional Relationships
Parent & Teen IssuesEating & Weight Issues
Experiential TherapyCommunication Skills
Christian FocusedCouples, Group & Individuals

I am as comfortable counseling business executives as I am young adults, hurting moms or struggling teens. I specialize in helping people impacted by addictions, food and weight issues, boundaries, communication problems, relationship conflict,and parent/teen issues.

Kevin Schloneger, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist

Location: 20615 Nannette Lane, Spring 77388
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Schloneger.
AddictionChild & Adolescent
Family ConflictAbuse
Relationship IssuesAnger Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the feeling of hopelessness? I believe empowering a person can improve their circumstances and allow them to proceed into a more effective life approach. I genuinely want to help you through this transition.

Linda R. Brown, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 326 1/2 Noble Street Bldg B, Spring 77373
Fast Contact: Email or Call Linda R..
Cope With Life ChangesManage Anxiety Or Anxious Mood
Improve CommunicationManage Anger Or Irritable Mood
Fix A Troubled RelationshipManage Sad Or Depressed Mood
Move On After A RelationshipGet Caregiver Support

Is your relationship strained? Do you feel anxious or worried or sad about something that has happened or for no apparent reason? Smart People Get Help. There are solutions. Call, text or email for an appointment.

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Therapy Spring, TX

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Spring is a city located near Houston within the state of Texas. Its location makes it ideal for families wishing to enjoy the feel of a small town, while also be located down the road from other highly populated areas. Old Town Spring Texas is an old village from the 1900s with multiple boutiques, arts, and dining areas. Venture down to this attraction to shop for unique items, while entertaining your children and teenagers with the scenery. Splashtown USA is an incredibly large water park with everything to make your day in the sun adventurous as well as relaxing. Your children and teenagers are sure to enjoy the wave pool, slides, and much more. This attraction is complete with concession stands to keep you and your family hydrated and fed for your convenience and safety.1 Cinemark Tinseltown Woodlands is located nearby featuring newly released family-friendly films. Grab popcorn and a drink to make this outing complete. Klein Collins High School and Smith Elementary School are a couple of several schools located within and around town to meet your family's educational needs.

Mental Health in Spring

Job loss can lead to significant mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. Financial stress can further compound problems and lead to substance abuse or violence against loved ones. The Texas Workforce Commission provides many valuable services to individuals seeking employment so they can find work and return to better mental health. The commission offers job search assistance and information about jobs available in and around the city of Spring. Training and education programs are available as well. Help finding childcare services and transportation is also available. Call 281-891-2850 for additional information.2

Reducing stigma associated with mental illness is a primary goal of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Houston. Monthly educational programs and community events raise awareness about mental illness and dispel negative views of those who live with a mental illness. The organization also offers support services for individuals and families who have experienced mental illness, including disseminating information about local resources. More information about NAMI's services is available by calling 713-970-4419.3

Depression is a highly common mental health issue that impacts thousands of Texans in the Spring area. Having a support system in place is an excellent way to help overcome the negative effects of depression. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Greater Houston provides such support for those living with depression, as well as their families and friends. Support groups are offered during both daytime and evening hours. Some groups are offered in Spanish as well. All groups are free and confidential. To find out about meeting times and locations, call 713- 600-1131.4

Current Initiatives

Veterans of the armed services, especially those who have recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan, face many mental health issues upon their return home. Post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and depression are all highly common occurrences. To bring attention to these issues and to help provide services to veterans, Mental Health America of Greater Houston has launched the Veterans Behavioral Health Initiative. Legislative advocacy and community outreach are two primary tools the initiative uses to safeguard veterans' mental health. For further details, call 713-523-8963.5


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