Alana Hunt, M.Ed, RP, CCC

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  • Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • 80 Carlton Street, Suite 10, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1L6
  • Phone: 647.502.5405
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Who I Am 

I am a registered psychotherapist in Toronto who practised law for many years in Toronto, London and New York before moving into mental health and wellness. I volunteer at a local non-profit organization. I am an ASIST (Applied Suicide Skills Intervention Skills Training) Trainer and safeTALK (suicide awareness for everyone) Trainer. I edit horror fiction for fun. I have a young son who I adore.
My Approach is Compassionate and Client Focussed
I take a compassionate and client-focussed approach in therapy. Exploring strengths, understanding challenges and collaborating are critical to working towards the changes you would like to see. This means that together we will consider how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours connect. We will look at what has worked and what has not worked. We will look at what might be different if the problem that brought you to therapy were gone. We will look at where you want to go and how you might get there.
Who I Work With

I help men and women who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed for different reasons. They might be dealing with anxiety, depression, life/career/school concerns, relationships, loss, trauma or other stresses and challenges. They are ready to be heard and validated with caring and compassion. 

Psychotherapy is risky. You may have blocked out or downplayed feelings and thoughts for a long time. Discussing these may bring up uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger and loneliness. In fact, that is probably why you’ve worked so hard to block them out or downplayed them. Maybe what you are thinking, feeling and doing was adaptive the first time you started thinking, doing or feeling that way. Now you might feel stuck but things have been buried so deep you don’t know why you are stuck or how to get unstuck. Maybe you can’t find the words to explain what is going on. Making changes to what you think, do, say or feel can disrupt your relationships and can be scary. Taking these risks might be helpful for you. Only you will know whether the possibility of a positive change and hope is right for you and is worth risking therapy at any point in your life. Like most things in life, therapy does not come with a guarantee. Talking it out ... being validated ... hearing that compassionate voice you need and miss ... understanding what you need ... these can all be rewards worth working towards in therapy.

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