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  • Professionals Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy, ect.
  • Tacoma, Washington, 98445
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  • Session Fees: $65 to $95
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

We will help you get the best therapist we can to meet your needs.  If you are dissatisfied with your therapy sessions we will pay for your first session with a new therapist of your choice.  We guarantee satisfaction of our service with this agreement.


Our Therapists are Licensed Therapist / Counselors within the state of Washington. They hold Master degrees in Marriage & Family Therapy, Counseling, Psychology, and other related counseling fields. We incorporate professional counseling to help individuals (child or adult), couples, and families, in addition to working with businesses in the areas of company growth, changing management and relationship development.


Our approach with you (the client) is to address the behavioral, mental and emotional root issues, so you can overcome the chronic stress and emotional strain of the issues you are facing. This creates an opportunity for you to move beyond coping with the stressors in your life and allows for the development of skills to resolve the issues in your life.


Our therapists have developed a unique approach to meeting clients needs. This approach moves beyond the conventional session structure and allows for greater opportunities to utilize the tools and insight gained within sessions. Our goal for clients is to move through counseling in the most efficient way possible to avoid the need for long-term, ongoing therapy. This result-oriented approach helps you to resolve issues and move forward to fully enjoy your life experience.


In the area of Marriage and Family Therapy, Our therapists are skilled in working with couples and families in these areas:

· Overcoming Communication Barriers

· Restoring Trust in Relationships

· Developing Healthy Boundaries

· Infidelity & Intimacy/Sexual Issues

· Financial Counseling and Budget Planning

· Identifying Goals and Goal Development

· Parenting Issues

· Preparing for Marriage / Premarital Counseling

· Separation and Divorce

· Caring for Aging Parents

· etc…


We have therapists who have specialized training in working with youth and helping to develop a productive relationship to further develop life skills.


Our counseling practice involves working with individuals who face a variety of issues including:

· Anxiety & Stress & Overcoming Depression

· Developing Self-worth

· Identity Issues & Re-evaluation of Purpose

· PTSD & Trauma Resolution

· Living with Chronic Pain & Dealing with Medical Issues

· Career Change & Major Life Transitions

· etc…


Our founding therapist Michael Allred has been married for fifteen years and has three daughters and two sons.  He is dedicated to serving clients and providing the best service possible.


We currently provide services to clients throughout the Pierce County and Some of the King County areas. For clients elsewhere, we also provide e-counseling via internet or phone to individuals anywhere in the world.


Feel free to contact us via Phone 253-655-7326 or e-mail

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