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We're in this Together                                                                       

One thing that most successful therapy experiences have in common is the presence of a healing therapeutic relationship. The relationship between us, plays a central role in setting the stage for change to take place. My experience and ability to provide safety, acceptance and compassionate guidance makes a world of difference to my clients. My warm, non-judgmental approach will help you address the issues, relationships and situations that need attention.
 Our First Session  
During our first session, or even when we speak briefly prior to our first session you may begin to experience a sense of relief.  As you tell me about the issues that brought you in I will discover how I can best help you. You will experience my approach from the very first session where we'll focus on how to move your life forward in a positive direction.   Where We Go from Here    As we work together, you will learn to notice and respond to your feelings in a new way. This will help loosen old thought patterns and limiting beliefs. You will discover how to move through obstacles that stood in your way in the past and as a result, your confidence will grow.            As you find yourself facing life with greater ease, you will sense of how resilient you really are.   I look forward to guiding you to where you want to go, who you want to be, and how you want to live.   



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