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  • 66 Centre St., Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 7R9
  • Phone: 416-939-5762
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Are You Having Trouble with the Difficult People in Your Life? 

 Consulting services offered for short-term coaching.
 "Change the way you feel" Counselling

I can be trusted to give you the professional therapy that you deserve.
I'm continually updating my skills and knowledge; I can present you with the the most up-to-date research as well as offer you a trained empathetic ear. 
I am a Master's level therapist and am supervised. When owning a private practice supervision is important. Many therapists don't receive supervision once they work on their own. Supervision allows therapists to monitor whether they are doing the best they can for each and every client. Supervision does not entail using names. 
Therapeutic Interventions
You will not be receiving a one dimensional approach. You are unique.
If you suffer from anxiety, depression or experience conflict in your life, together, we can focus on the best approaches for you.
You will receive the very best evidence based treatments modified to your unique circumstances. The following are some examples of treatments: recognize unhelpful thought patterns, develop an awareness of  feelings and ability to label them, understand the connection between childhood upbringing and adult patterns of behaviour. 
You will not be wasting an hour of your valuable time. Our sessions will be focused on getting the most out of your hour.  
I am fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. This means setting your goals for the hour. At the end of the hour session we will summarize what we spoke about and discuss what you would like to focus on in the following session. 

Looking forward to you working with you!

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