Brad Messenger, Psy.D, LMSW, LPC

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  • Outpatient mental health center
  • 1505 Waterford pkwy, Saint johns, Michigan, 48879
  • Phone: 9892243000 ext 685
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  • Session Fees: We accept all major insurance plans in the clinton county area, including medicaid HMO plans.
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Webcam

We are a multiple disciplinary team working along with a physician directed medical team. This means our medical goals are set by physicians and followed out by therapists with a wide variety of education to better serve you. Our therapists range from psychologists, to social workers and licensed professional counselors. Each specialty approaches clients in a unique way - having all specialties available means we can provide the most flexible treatment options.

We have been providing psychology within primary care since early 2010. We are the largest private medical and mental health provider in Clinton county michigan. We treat all disorders- there are not any treatments for mental health that we do not offer. This includes individuals, couples, families, groups, substance abuse and mental health counseling. To supplement our therapy, and our physicians with diagnosis and treatment, we also offer a wide range of psychological and neuro-psychological evaluations. These tests can help us determine how the different areas of your brain are functioning, and can point us in a more clear direction for treatment.

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