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Life is difficult, and all of us hit bumps in the road.  Sometimes, these bumps pile up, and we can find ourselves far away from the life we imagined.  Are you feeling lost or confused?  Are you struggling with behaviors, or relationships, that are not taking you where you most want to be?  Does depression or anxiety keep you from enjoying your life?  The good news is that therapy, talking with someone outside your life who can help you get a better perspective and develop more effective strategies, can be very helpful for just these sorts of problems.

I utilize a non-pathologizing, non-judgmental approach, and see problems not as something intrinsic or internal to who you are, but as external forces that are having effects on your life:  your thinking, your feelings, your relationships.  Together, we explore the effects of these problems, and look for the ways in which you are already making some kind of headway.  Often, reaching out for help the way you are doing is a step that results from your own resistance against the problems and the power they hold in your life; in this way, it already signals the beginning of the changes you long for.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, which means that I see you in your inter-personal context of family, culture and society.  I received my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute, Encino, CA in 1997, and was licensed in 2001 (#37766).  I taught for many years at Phillips, passing on the skills that I had learned and supporting young therapists as they developed their own unique style of conducting therapy.  I left that work when I decided that my true call was to focus on the "lay" public of non-therapists, and help them navigate the difficulties in their lives.

I have a passion for my spiritual path, which is Christian, but I am open to those of other faiths who have a sincere desire to approach the Divine.  As a practicing meditator and former actress, I have a strong background in mindfulness practices, as well as the Christian practice of contemplative prayer, and look to include these in therapy as ways to slow down, develop stronger awareness and be more present with all that is happening in one's life, so that one can make more life-affirming choices.

My particular interests include:  marriage or couples counseling, navigating life transitions, creativity, spirituality, grief and loss, and getting out from under family's or society's ideas about who I am supposed to be that don't fit with my own preferences.

Thank you for looking into my profile.  Know that I love my work with clients, and hold these relationships as a sacred trust.  I encourage you to persevere in your impulse to seek therapy for the difficulties you are facing, whether you decide to contact me, or look for someone else who is a better fit for who you are.  I have done many years of therapy myself, to get me to this point in my life, and I can say that what I have gained was worth every single penny I spent.

Good luck in your quest.

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