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Corbett Mills Counselling & Consulting Services consists of Lynn Corbett, Ph.D., Registered Doctoral Psychologist (SK#234) and Curtis Mills, MSW, RSW (SK#0159), Counsellor.  We offer a range of confidential individual, group and couples counselling services. We also provide professional consultation and supervision services. 
Lynn Corbett completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Saskatchewan in 1996.  Her clinical residency took place at the Ottawa Hospital, with a focus on adults as well as adolescents and families. She has worked in a variety of settings over the years, including private practice, public mental health clinics, university counselling agency, and EFAP programs.  
Lynn provides individual, group and couples counselling with adults. She works with women and men across the life span who may be struggling with a variety of life concerns, including depression and anxiety; work/life balance; identity/life transition issues, including those that centre around sexuality and gender; eating disorder and body image concerns; relationship/couple/family difficulties; experiences of trauma; and pregnancy, fertility and adoption issues.  
Lynn is passionate about her work and feels privileged to be invited into people's lives as they work to create their preferred ways of being and living.  She strives to centre her clients' voices at all times and to be mindful of listening openly and not imposing her own agenda.  She sees therapy as a collaborative and creative conversational process in which mutual trust, respect, and participation is essential. She believes that communities of support are often central in people creating their preferred ways of living and she works to include relevant members of people's communities whenever possible. 

Curtis MillsCurtis Mills completed his MSW in clinical social work at the University of British Columbia in 1987, specializing in individual and couples counselling.  In his 27 years of practice, he has worked in many supervisory and clinical practice leader roles.  He has worked in a variety of settings providing counselling and consultation services.  
Curtis provides individual, group and couples counselling to women and men who present with a range of life difficulties.  Areas of interest include: depression and anxiety; sexuality and gender; relationship/couples concerns, including jealousy, insecurity and hurtful behaviours; grief and loss; family-of-origin difficulties; and significant life transitions, such as career changes, retirement, births of children, or separation/divorce.  He is passionate about creating safe places for men to address difficulties they are having in their lives.  

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