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Thank you for visiting my profile. I appreciate you taking the time to consider my services. Please contact me with any questions about my services or to book an appointment. Weekend and evening appointments are available and I always offer a free, initial 30 minute consultation.

Being human is not easy! Life is complicated – and sometimes leaves us to deal with serious problems and challenging circumstances. Bad things can happen. Unexpected changes occur. We can be left feeling overwhelmed and lost... and not sure what to do. As much as suffering is a part of our human experience, we are naturally endowed with the powerful ability to heal and overcome. Counselling can be highly effective in helping us to work through difficult experiences, and lead to healing and growth along with an improved sense of inner balance, wellness and functioning.

 In other situations, things may be going very well… but they can be even better! Perhaps you have a vision for how you want your life to look, but need some clarity and sense of direction to move forward.

While it is common for people to come to counselling to focus on a specific issue, sometimes it is helpful to talk to an impartial person about things going on in your life that you want to explore.  Whether it be an experience that requires healing, a situation you want to better understand, a particular problem that requires a solution, or an important decision that you need to make, perhaps I can help.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Social Worker (RSW) with over ten years of professional practice experience. My academic foundation consists of degrees in Social Work (BSW) and Counselling Psychology (MA). My training and professional development are ongoing to ensure that my practice is in line with current research findings and best practice standards, ensuring that I am providing the most effective services possible.

The specific approach I take largely depends on what each person brings to work on in counselling. My primary concern is always meeting the specific goals of my client. Starting with your outcome in mind, I will collaborate with you to determine how we can best get what you want out of your sessions. No single approach works for all people and situations, and I tailor my approach to best meet your unique needs.

At the heart of my approach is always the quality of the relationship I develop with each of my clients. Creating a safe, non-judgmental, empathic and confidential space is the most important aspect of our work together.

If you are feeling ready, give me a call. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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