David Woods, M.Ed. Dip.A.T.

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  • Canadian Certified Counsellor, Professional Art Therapist
  • 757 Southdale Rd. E., London, Ontario, N6E 1B1
  • Phone: 519 859-7855
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  • Session Fees: $100
  • www.davidwwoods.ca
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  • E-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM

I work in a safe and comfortable environment using client centred counselling and art therapy techniques as they are best suited to you. There is considerable benefit in having an external art object upon which to focus thoughts and feelings as this may make it easier to process difficult feelings, and process language used to describe thoughts and feelings.  No particular art skills are required for art therapy, and this need not be included if you are not interested in this approach.

I work with children, youth, adults and seniors.  With children I work to resolve behavioural challenges at home and in school. I work with adolescents to resolve conflicts in identity formation and self esteem, self concept, self worth, and self image, as well as adjustment related to gender identity and sexual orientation development. I also work to overcome experiences of trauma and loss, be they the death of a parent, serious personal injury in a car or other accident, family or foster home disruptions related to abuse or neglect, and to overcome adjustment issues arising from the same or other sources. 
Adults often come to see me either as couples or individuals. Issues addressed may be related to communication challenges between couples that may originate from differing communication styles, or experiences of family of origin that shape one partner's or both's ability to tolerate feelings relative to functional healthy relationship growth.  Individuals who have children and are dating may be considering blending their family with another persons, and may benefit from attending counselling together with the person they are dating, or individual to help clarify dynamics and issues related to forming a new blended family.
Adults, both couples and individuals, also come to deal with issues related to sex and pornography addictions, as well as other substance use/abuse related concerns, grief and loss, overcoming childhood abuse and neglect, anxiety and depression issues.

My work is informed by an anti-oppression paradigm, recognizing multiple power dymanics and their impact on individuals, from an eclectic pro-feminist perspective, encompassing the assumptions, beliefs and values expressed by existential-phonomenological humanism, gestalt, and Jungian/ Object Relations/ Psychodynamic perspectives as well as CBT, oriented perspectives as clinically suitable to consumer issues and evidence based practice standards. I have a particular interest in the dynamics of inter-generational trauma transmission in families where parents or grandparents have been effected by war and international displacement.

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