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  • 123 Edward St, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 4B3
  • Phone: 647-271-6364
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A life-long passion for inspiring people to get healthy led me to complete a PhD in Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto in 2005. After working in research for many years, I decided I wanted to do clinical work to allow me to work directly with individuals.  I obtained a Masters of Counselling Psychology and a special certificate in infertility counselling, due to my own personal experiences and burgeoning interest in the area. Along the way I also developed a passion for helping members of the LGBTQ community create families through third-party assisted-reproductive technologies. 

I am grateful to each client who allows me to use my knowledge, empathy and skills to assist them and to give me the opportunity to do what I love. This extends not just to individuals and couples facing infertility, but also clients dealing with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and relationship issues.  I commit to doing everything within my power to help my clients realize their potential and to make positive change.   

Along with my interest in infertility, I am passionate about healthy living and believe that there is really no separation between mind and body. I have worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 20 years, and enjoy helping clients to make positive changes to their lifestyles and health. In my counselling I explore with clients what internal factors (thoughts, feelings, and assumptions) may be limiting positive growth and success, and also examine whether certain lifestyle changes can help them build resiliency, self-esteem, and achieve personal transformation.

My approach is both collaborative and directive.  While I recognize that some clients want nothing more than a safe place to discuss their thoughts and feelings.  Others want and need more direction and input.  My counselling incorporates strategies and techniques from CBT, narrative therapy, and solution-focused therapy.  I work with each client to determine which approach best suits their needs.  I strive to be as open, objective and non-judgemental as possible and I welcome everyone, regardless of ethnic or religious background, gender identity or sexual orientation.

I offer ‘walk’ therapy, along with traditional talk-therapy, for clients who want to combine the benefits of counselling with the physical and psychological benefits of exercise, or are simply looking for an alternative to the traditional counselling format.  In addition, I am happy to do sessions via Skype or telephone. 

I have two office locations in downtown Toronto (Dundas/University and Bloor/Avenue Rd.) that are easily accessible by public transportation.  Location for walk therapy sessions is flexible. 

Session fees are covered by most extended health insurance plans.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or would like to set up a consultation.



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