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  • Health, Clinical, Forensic Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Counselor
  • Capital One Building, 22nd Floor, Suite 2241, 301 N. Main Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70809
  • Phone: (225) 448-2427
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  • Session Fees: $60 to $120: Sliding fee scale
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      My primary personal and professional interests in clinical, research, teaching, crises intervention, in life has been to develop a diverse, academic, experiential, social, and personal background.My aim has been, and is, to
effectively, efficiently, and meaningfully apply my experiential background in academic, clinical, military, and correctional as well as personal settings.To this end, over the years, I have worked in either different clinical, medical, corrections (forensic prisons), veteran’s, and research settings simultaneously in different academic
university settings.For example, currently, I am an associate professor in the Schools of Social and Behavioral

Sciences as well as provide mental health services and training to a variety of individuals, groups, and organizational consumers in private practice on issues such as anger/conflict management, crises intervention, domestic violence, terrorism, education, co-occurring addictive disorders, and affective/behavioral issues.
    Moreover, I provide private practice services under my umbrella program Systems for Professional Education, Consultation, Training, Research, and Utilization Management (S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.) through a full range of traditional and contemporary theories and methodologies.One contemporary approach resulting from my independent research is Copology, the study of life events (persons, places, and things), their functioning, and the system and process for coping with life events and the associated stress.I developed this theory and modality and coined the term, Copology. It has received international notice as reflected in my curriculum vita and cyber media from such settings as various websites, the University of Pretoria, SA; University of Chicago; Sinai/Grace
Department of Psychiatry, Detroit; Hines VA Hospitals, Illinois; Michigan Department of Community Health and Corrections, Mental Health Boards; Oxford University, England; Vanderbilt U., TN; and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Networking Conference Foundation; The Great Lakes Naval Training Center, MI; and other colleges, businesses, religious, recreational, military organizations, terrorism, and so on.
       I work well with any individual, families, couples, organizations, groups who experience difficulty managing

personal, interpersonal and/or contextual barriers to coping effectively and efficiently with life events and the associated stress. These events may have led to such examples as emotions (ANGER) management problems, confused thinking, feelings of isolation, over crowdedness, violent impulses, workplace risks, civil and criminal issues and so on. The Copology system consists of three integrated components, 1) an assessment format followed by 2) a seven phase natural coping factors with twenty-22 natural coping factor components process and, 3) a circular evaluative outcome step for future coping in preventive ways.
      On this foundation, I am pleased to offer my services to you, your family, friends, community and others. You can contact me as needed on this consideration. I have taken the first step. You can take the next step to help. Call oremail S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M, Dr. Eugene Hughley, Jr.; (225) 627-3155; Appreciatively, Dr.Eugene Hughley, Jr.

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