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We’re so happy you found us! We are Licensed Psychologists with a wide range of resources and services to inspire your personal growth and increase the amount of peace and joy in your life. We use a collaborative and supportive approach to help improve the overall wellness of your family and empower you to make long lasting, meaningful change. We bring a fresh and interactive experience to the issues that families deal with daily, from using effective parenting techniques to increasing healthy communication with your spouse and/or children. We work with individuals of all ages, couples and families.
Meet Our Psychologists
Jasmine Narayan, Psy.D

Dr. Narayan is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in child, adolescent and family psychotherapy. She is passionate about helping children and adolescents who struggle with emotional regulation, aggressive/impulsive behavior, ADHD, depression, anxiety and trauma. Dr. Narayan helps clients increase positive connections, self-esteem, improve healthy communication and experience meaningful growth. She tailors her interventions based on the specific needs of each client, using evidence-based interventions such as mindfulness, relaxation training, cognitive and behavioral strategies, to facilitate change. Dr. Narayan also works closely with parents in family therapy, drawing on positive parenting techniques, parent-child interaction therapy and behavioral theory to help parents reduce problematic behaviors and increase loving, peaceful and authentic connections with their children. 

Education and Experience: Dr. Narayan attained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford, Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology, where she received specialized training in Child and Adolescent Psychology. She has over 6 years of experience and has worked in a variety of clinical and educational settings including Sagamore Children's Psychiatric Hospital and Just Kids Diagnostic and Treatment Center. She is proficient in individual, family and group psychotherapy, play therapy, consultation, parent training and psychological assessment.

Allyson Cole, Psy.D
Dr. Cole is a Licensed Psychologist, Co-Founder of Family Guiding, and the Director of Psychological Services for PSCH Inc. She has helped many people reach their goals by equipping them to overcome life’s roadblocks. Dr. Cole has over fifteen years of experience working  with adolescents, adults, and families who struggle with emotional dysregulation, behavioral problems, difficult relational dynamics, and substance abuse problems. Dr. Cole has worked in several settings, such as a residential treatment center, hospital, outpatient clinic, and a juvenile detention center. She has collaborated with Jasmine Narayan, Psy.D. in the development of the C.R.E.A.T.E. Outcomes model to help adolescents, adults, and organizations develop pathways toward their goals while equipping them with the tools necessary to be successful. Specifically, Dr. Cole is passionate about working in collaboration with families, communities, and organizations to help make this world a safer place for girls in the justice system.

Education and Experience: Dr. Cole received her doctorate degree from Pacific University and has over 10 years of experience in the field. She has worked in a variety of hospital, residential treatment and outpatient settings and is proficient in individual psychotherapy, couples therapy and Functional Family therapy as well as psychological assessment. Dr. Cole has an additional location available at 576 5th Ave., Ste 805, New York, NY. 
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