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Being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist means this: I am not only working with individuals on their individual and relationship issues, I also working with the couple on their relationship. In the last 20 years, I have worked with individuals to transform themselves from depression and anxiety to fulfilled life. I have also worked with the couple transformed their relationships from fighting and breaking up into satisfaction and happiness. If you are ready to break the old and useful pattern in your life or relationship. I want to help you find the happiness, connection, and love.

I received my Master Degree in Counseling in 1996 from Syracuse University and my PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from Michigan State University in 2008. Between two degrees, I worked in Taiwan with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and was trained extensively in Gestalt Therapy, Psychodrama, Object Relation Therapy, and Transactional Analysis Therapy. I also have completed Gottman Level 1 & 2 training as well as EMDR training. 

As a trained individual and a couple's therapist allows me to work well with individuals in the couple relationships. I have extensive experiences working with 1) adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; 2) adult children from alcohol families, 3) survivors of interpersonal partner violences, and 4) combat veterans. The issues these individuals battles are 1) depression, 2) anxiety, 3) posttraumatic stress disorder, 4) addiction, and 5) relationship issues. 

As a trained couple's therapist, I have extensive experiences working with the couples battling 1) communication, 2) conflict resolution, 3) infidelity, and 4) parenting issues.
My doctoral dissertation focused on working with the couple when one of the partners is the survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This experience allowed me to understand extensively the work needs to be done when one of the partners in the couple relationship has mental health issues. In addition, I also have extensive experiences working with combat veterans and their loved ones. This experience furthered my work in working with couples when one of the partners has mental health issues, specifically, trauma issues. 

One of my strongest strength as a couple's therapist is my understanding of the family culture influences. As an immigrant working with clients from different cultures, I have the advantage to understand the nuances of the emotions and the impact of the family culture on individuals. It also helps me to assist the partners to understand the family culture they bring into the relationship. 

I love to have both partners in therapy together as they can bring their understanding back into their everyday life. The individual partner becomes each other's healer and the healing process does not limit in the relationship with the therapist but also with their partners in the day-to-day life.

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