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At Helix Healthcare Group, we address the brain, the body, and the belief system to create a healthy, happier and more balanced life. Unlike conventional treatments, our comprehensive approach creates lasting change by treating the root cause of the issue – not just its symptoms. Blending the best of Western and Eastern philosophies with cutting-edge neuroscience, we will empower you to create a better future, today. Call 416.921.CARE (2273 or email info@helixhealthcaregroup.com a 1-hour complimentary consultation with a member of our senior therapy team. 
Where We Can Help:
Addiction Recovery: Spectrum Recovery is a ground-breaking program for people suffering from addiction and substance abuse. We look beyond the behaviour to explore the underlying issues, including: self-limiting beliefs, unresolved events from the past, physiological imbalances, and ineffective coping strategies. Our four different program levels are designed to accommodate all stages of the recovery process. 
Mental Health: When it comes to mental health, you are what you think. Our thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact our biochemical, hormonal and physical states – and vice versa. Catalyst Wellness combines the science of neuropsychology with the art of integrative mindfulness to reduce anxiety, break through stress, and resolve trauma so that you can live an empowered life.
Integrative Medicine: At Helix Healthcare Group, we believe in building a holistic framework of health so that you can achieve optimal wellness - from the ground up. With our newest program, Helix Medical, we bring together the best of integrative and functional medicine to address the physical aspects of both the mind and the body in order to customize the treatment of mental health concerns. Guided by our comprehensive assessments, our team will create an individualized plan to address each phase of healing and empower clients with a thorough understanding of their health.      

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