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Doctor Jordan  has over 40 years experienced as a  Pastor ,Family Counselor and Therapist.
You will find him to be caring and professional in every way. He belongs to The American Association of Christian Counselors
His qualifications are not just based on degrees but experiences of everyday living. Raising a family takes work and understanding and a lot of prayer. James has a  Master and Bachelor degree in Theology also earned his
PH.D Christian Psychology.
Doctor Jordan has been in ministry and counseling for 49 years.
He has served as a Pastor ,Evangelist missionary and Counselor.
He was ordianed into full time ministry in 1972 in Talmadge,Ohio.
Doctor Jordan has been a resident of the state of Florida since 1983 moving here in Florida after pastoring in Texas.
The principles he bases counseling on comes from the Bible which he believes holds the answers for divine guidance and direction. Building a true relationship in your marriage takes a lot of hard work on the part of the husband and the wife. Finding time to spend together after children arrive in the family presents another challenge. My experience as a husband and father for over 50 years helps give me the down to earth insight on how to guide and direct couples on the correct path to success.
Doctor Jordan believes that reconciliation is possible for every individual. Their is nothing to difficult for God. 
Pre-marital counseling is highly recommended and available.
Don't you wish someone had informed you about the changes marriage brings.
You will never change anyone. You can change together with the help and guidance of The Holy Spirit.

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Orange Park FL