Janet S. McLeod, Registered Psychologist, MA, CHT.

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  • Registered Psychologist, Certified Hakomi Therapist
  • 50 Lincoln Park, #201, Suite 3, Canmore, Alberta, T1W 3E9
  • Phone: (403) 609-0675
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  • www.mountaintherapy.ca
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 Together we can:

Address addictive behaviour to access more freedom.  |  Discover your own personal meaning and purpose.  |  Navigate your spiritual questions.  |  Soothe trauma, depression and grief, keeping you from feeling calm.  |  Contain and regulate anxiety worry and stress establishing space for a peace-filled life.  |  Unravel M.S., Arthritis, or I.B.D. creating a better Quality of Life.  |  Transcend past pains to live from your innate happiness. 
My first priority as a Registered Psychologist is to create a sense of comfortable safety by working with your pace and priorities. I focus on Clinical and Health psychology and I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Family Constellation Practitioner.
  • Hakomi Method is a Body Mind Psychotherapy (Somatic Psychotherapy), which helps to transform “issues in your tissues.” Freeing these long held body memories provides you with more choice and freedom. 
  • Family Constellations is a great compliment to the Hakomi Method as it also works on the unresolved issues held in your body, focusing on the Automatic Nervous System (ANS) and inherited challenges from family, present and past.

In our sessions we will focus on attainable and realistic goals. We will be set in an atmosphere that is relaxed and safe. And together we find your greater life purpose, co-discovering new, healthy strategies that will work with your daily living. 

Together we mindfully integrate all aspects of our life:
Your body by calming the nervous system bringing you into the “now”.
Your mind by understanding limiting thoughts and beliefs, which allows you more choice.
Identifying and learning to safely express your emotions by recognizing them as a key form of intelligence.
And ultimately, we reconnect to your spirit by reigniting the spark of your own personal unique meaning.

Clinically, I assist clients facing the complexities of illnesses, such as Arthritis, Cancer or IBD. My research and professional experience has been focused on improving Quality of Life (QOL) within the realms of health and clinical psychology. With health psychology, we navigate anxiety and stress, PTSD and trauma release, addictions and depression.

To improve communication and relationships, I show people how to recognize the importance of integrating body, mind, emotions and spirit. Together, we find out where people are stuck by paying attention to body reactions and communication styles. With this information we move on to coming up with new solutions for old challenges by creating some healing space for both parties involved.
I work with both individuals and couples.

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