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 Welcome!  You've taken the first step towards your new life!  
My practice offers adults, couples/marriage and adolescent counseling and coaching.  Here's what I do and how I do it....
Does seeking help make you "weak" or useless?  Absolutely not!  The person who asks for help has courage and strength.  When the methods you've used no longer work, why not get another opinion? Challenging your thinking, your routine and developing healthy skills to manage challenges is not easy, and the person, couple or family committed to change will develop solutions that work for them.  Courage is a strength that some don't realize they have.  You see, where there are challenges or crisis, there is a wonderful opportunity for change.   My focus will always be on YOUR goals, unique strengths and positive attributes that will help transition YOU toward your goal(s), manage life's hurdles in a healthy way, build strength and confidence in decision making.
My approach is unique, as my clinical focus is a strengths based, solution and emotionally focused, with a compassionate directness. While your goal is all important, it is just as important that we not become stuck rehashing negative events or experiences.  While the past is important, where you want to go is of greater importance - its YOUR future.
Relationships are work, need nurturing, require respect and trust. People come to couples/marital counseling when the pain, resentment, maybe even betrayal are in the way of the couple's ability to hear and understand each other.   If you find that you and your partner can't seem to have a conversation without arguing, if you feel that the love and respect have gone, learning to listen, understand each other's thoughts, feelings, desires and needs, can heal the pain and help your relationship grow.   
Adolescents in our society today face challenges we never dreamed of.   Social media, academic performance, peer pressures, transitioning from home to college and then.....many return home, again, until they are able to be self-sufficient. Studies and research has,unfortunately, revealed adolescents today experience significant levels of depression, anxiety, stress, worry more than ever before.  Taking advantage of a therapist with experience working with teens may be imperative to your teen's growth and success in the future.  
My education and training are focused on clinical studies; and post-graduate training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), and Positive Psychology, and Strengths Based and Solution Focused. This professional training has expanded my tool box, and helps me help you based upon your unique needs.
Perhaps you have decided you may not wish to enter counseling, but could benefit from the guidance of a professional coach.  Generally, my coaching style is short-term, perhaps 6 to 8 weeks.  I have worked with individuals and couples in the areas of parenting; co-parenting; relationships/dating; and divorce.  Coaching, however, is not clinical in nature, and assists those wishing to achieve a specific goal. If  you wish to extend the coaching services to include on-going support or to focus on another goal, I am always pleased to assist you  
I am a professionally trained divorce coach, and am experienced working with matrimonial/family law attorneys. My services would include assisting you as well as others involved to resolve issues in a productive manner, thereby, saving the divorcing parties time, reduce stress, and in many cases, money. 
Family Law (Divorce) Mediation:
Divorce mediation has save many people, time, money and certainly a great deal of stress and worry.  Using a divorce mediator to help you and your former partner to resolve issues of co-parenting; equitably distributing personal and marital property.  In the areas of finance, pension and retirement plans, I generally partner with a specialist in this area, who has a successful practice in the area of finance management.  
 I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Janice Della Badia 

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