Jeffrey Hammond, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jeffrey A. Hammond is a member of the American Psychological Association, the West Virginia Psychological Association, and the National Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology. He is a retired chief psychologist from the US Department of Justice, and has returned to private practice.

"I have been practicing for over 30 years, in various settings, with a wide range of people. My practice is designed to deliver the best service available, in a timely, responsive, professional, and confidential manner. I have spent many years training other psychologists and I believe this experience has allowed me to constantly address the elements of counseling and psychotherapy that really make a difference in someone's life."

"I understand the risk, difficulty, and rewards that go along with psychotherapy. If you feel ready to address the things that you know must be addressed, I would be honored to be a part of that process. I know some things that may work, and I know some things that do not work. We can talk about your specific situation and make the best decision possible."

"I have had success working with some people in a relatively brief period of time, while others have benefitted more from a longer term of treatment. The essential issue is for me to make a sound assessment of your needs, issues, and concerns, as well as your potential for benefit, while encouraging you to make the decisions about your treatment.  I will not be shy about telling you what I think during our evaluation period, but you are solely responsible for the decision to begin treatment."

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