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  • Counselling Therapist - Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • # 205, 5001 - 49th Ave., Olds, Alberta, T4H 1W9
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      Victoria , British Columbia, V8V 384
  • Phone: 403.415.4823
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Life has its up and downs.  For the most part we have life 'together'- but sometimes there are issues that arise that keep us 'stuck' or keep us from coming into the 'fullness' of our potential.  You are not alone, many people seek out counselling for short periods of time to work at those areas that seem to 'rear their ugly heads'. 
As a counselling therapist I can help you look at those areas that keep you from becoming all that you hope to be.  Whether it is more successful on the job?  Whether it is overcoming anxiety? depression?  Anger?   Grief?  Stress related illnesses?  Making choices about future career options?  Needing some help to work through the death of someone close? 
You are not alone

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