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  • Jerry W. Clark, LCSW, Ph.D.
  • 200 S Virginia St 8th Floor, Reno, Nevada, 89501
  • Phone: 775 772 0392
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  • Session Fees: The fee for service is $100 per hour. Credit cards are accepted for payment of therapy fees.

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I am Jerry W. Clark, LCSW, Ph.D., a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years experience providing community mental health services to adults.  I currently maintain a private practice in Reno, Nevada that is dedicated to serving adults and to the treatment of a wide variety of behavioral problems in the office and in-home for clients unable to travel.  I am able to establish therapeutic relationships with and achieve reasonable client centered outcomes for adults.  While the practice has a short term focus, the length of treatment is determined based on the needs of each individual client.
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