Jessica Norman, LCPC, PhD Candidate

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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • 501 6th Ave, Rochelle, Illinois, 61068
  • Additional Locations:
      See additional office location: Naperville, 60563
      2135 City Gate
      Naperville, 60563
  • Phone: 6304236010
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Phone, IM, Webcam

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"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear." -S. Collins

If you're here, you still have hope - that's the only thing greater than fear. I'm glad you've decided to reach out for help; from here, it can begin to get better. Counseling can reduce your symptoms of distress, improve relationships, and help you feel more in control of your situation and feelings. Instead of taking a deficit "something's wrong with you" view,  my approach is to focus on building on the positives you already have going for you,  and your situation. We'll use your strengths as a guide for helping you heal, gain insight, problem solve and create new, constructive, forward-moving behaviors and actions.

 I specialize in helping couples and children & teens through evidence-based counseling.

In couples counseling, I used emotionally focused therapy to help couples reconnect, reignite passion and improve attachment issues by addressing love-related injuries such as infidelity, abandonment, sexual functioning/frequency, anger, lying, and divorce prevention.  
With children ages 3 & up, we work together to focus on the child's underlying emotions, tap into their mental processes, teach coping skills, and distress tolerance - all through the use of play therapy. Play IS a child's most important work; it is through play that richest data on where your child's strengths and struggles lay.
Teenagers will work toward personal insight to uncover their role and responsibilities  within the family, their peer relationships, at school, and society at large. Teenagers, just like the rest of us, also need help from time to time in addressing anger, lying, issues of morality, disobedience and mental wellness, too!
In addition to couples and children, I also offer counseling for individual counseling for those affected by   
  • Anxiety, Depression and other mental health issues. 
  • Relationships and family issues.
  • Infidelity
  • Polyamory / Open Relationships
  • LGBTQIA- specific issues
  • Anger
  • Self esteem
  • Self harm
  • Play therapy for children and adults.
  • Feelings of Abandonment
  • Gender and sexuality identity
  • Sexual functioning
  • Parenting
  • Divorce 
  • Abandonment
  • Addiction
 Services are available online and in person, with the exception of children under 6 for play-therapy.
I understand that starting counseling can be intimidating!

If you’re new to counseling, you may not be sure what to expect or even what to say or where to start. Even if you’ve been in counseling before, starting with a new therapist can feel frustrating. However, just by being here, you've already taken the biggest step to improving your well being, and are on a voyage to transform your life or relationship. With me, you can expect active listening, empathy, and honest feedback in a setting that feels most comfortable to you and not the stereotypical canned or cold-feeling response.   

Authentic, client-centered counseling is at the heart of the work I do. 

With warmth and an unconditional positive regard, I create a safe environment in which to explore your stressors, emotions and goals as a couple or as an individual. It's a place where couples and families can discuss their hurts, joys and needs openly, and without so much fear as going at it alone. Focusing on those strengths, talents and unrealized growth, you’ll create positive and proactive thoughts about yourself and your relationships. Through mindful thinking and productive thoughts, you’ll form or improve upon healthier behaviors, to ultimately arrive at doing positive actions. Through this encouraging dynamic, counseling becomes a holistic, person centered process that allows for self-discovery, healing, and restoring your wellbeing.

I use a person-centered approach by providing authentic, client-centered counseling sessions. Partnered with evidence based treatment that incorporates the latest research, we’ll work to get your body, mind and spirit reconnected to each other again. I always tailor the approach and plan to your individual or your family-relationships needs.  

Education and Qualifications

I am a board certified, licensed therapist, with certification as a clinical trauma professional.  I earned a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL, and am a PhD candidate in Community Psychology. I have used my passion for helping others with clients across settings, such as: Traditional, in person private practice counseling and through the county health department, internet counseling, crisis and trauma therapy in emergency rooms, and in psychiatric hospitals. I also conduct research at DePaul University and National Louis University, speak at Psychology conferences and help communities across the globe on subjects of LGBTQIA-issues, Technology Addiction, and Transformational Learning.


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