Jon Holmes, M.Div., M.A., L.M.F.T.

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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Location: 7996 Old Winding Way, Suite 300, Fair Oaks, California, 95628
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  • Session Fees: My fee is $150 per consultation hour
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  • E-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam


  • Couples / Marriage / Pre-Marital
  • Divorce Diversion Consulting
  • Parenting Issues
  • Substance Abuse / Addictions in Relationships
  • Well-Being Restoration Care: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Abandonment, Divorce, Grief, Infidelity, Addictions, Adult Children of Alcoholics, etc. 

Healthy, thriving relationships are good for one's health and state of being.  Unhealthy relationships harm the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of the couple and children in the home.
Unfortunately, few couples are aware of the currents flowing underneath their relationship... the ones that slowly and consistently erode the quality and resilience of the relationship and ultimately flow towards increasing relationship dissatisfaction. Relationship currents can change if the sources of the destructive currents are known and addressed.  As a relationship restoration therapist, I believe it is imperative for couples to understand these undercurrents, along with their relationship dynamics, while in pursuit of restoring a healthy and thriving relationship.  When couples are unaware of why their relationship is struggling, the typical result is unmet expectations, cyclical disappointment cycles, and ongoing struggles with chronic resentment towards one another. This leads to relationship distancing, avoidance patterns, affair vulnerability and a disconnection from the once present thriving love.  When a couple goes through my in-depth evaluation, healing and equipping process, they often come to realize the way they viewed and understood their marriage continually compromised the quality of the relationship. This is why I work to provide couples with the clearest understanding of why the relationship is struggling and use the couple's discovered strengths to address and resolve chronic problems that seemed unresolvable.
 I utilize the latest clinical relationship inventories and wellbeing  questionnaires to best understand the couple as individuals and as a couple.  This is like having the opportunity of looking under the hood of a relationship and equipping and encouraging the couple in the use of new tools, skills and knowledge to keep the relationship running smoothly and fully optimized.  With this new understanding of their relationship, couples can live and connect out or their strengths and work together to defuse the problems that arise from differences.

Why Therapy Is Helpful:
Therapy provides a positive, encouraging and safe environment and is directed at helping people rediscover areas of strength and resilience within one's life and relationships.  Therapy can offer a positive reflection to what is "good" in life and help amplify these positives, and bring resolution to areas of life where chronic unresolved emotional pain resided and compromised the experience of well-being.


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