Jon Holmes, M.Div., M.A., L.M.F.T.

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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Location: 7996 Old Winding Way, Suite 300, Fair Oaks, California, 95628
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      90 Blue Ravine Dr.
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  • Phone: (916) 200-3930
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Relationship Tune-Ups & Tools

My practice is focused on helping relationships thrive.  In 8-10 sessions, a couple can go from near disaster to experiencing restoration and putting into motion new skills and tools that ultimately leads to stronger connectedness, mutual respect and a greater experience of partnership.  I can accomplish this by bringing the best relationship tools to the table.  I utilize a relationship inventory known as Prepare-Enrich Relationship Inventory. I have not found a better resource out there that allows the therapist and couple to understand the relationship from a strength and vulnerabilities basis.  As early as the second meeting, I'm working with the couple on targeted relationship areas that can bring improvements and greater understanding immediately. 
The secret to the Prepare-Enrich is that it breaks down a couple's relationship into multiple relationship factors and measures the relative health of the relationship in that area at the time the inventory was taken.  Then, as a team, we are able to focus on  strengths and use those strengths to overcome areas of challenge, as revealed by the inventory.  In simple terms, the inventory highlights strengths and equips us to productively regain the intimacy and  bonds that result in a thriving relationship and takes the guess work out of what are the areas negatively impacting the relationship. 

  • Couples / Marriage / PreMarital (Prepare Enrich Inventory)
  • Parenting (Prepare Enrich Parenting Inventory)
  • Substance Abuse / Addictions in Relationships
  • Faith-Based Christian Counseling  (Upon Request)
  • Divorce Diversion Intensive (6 hours)
  • Well-Being Restoration Treatment:  Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Abandonment, Divorce, Grief, Infidelity, Addictions, Adult Children of Alcoholics, etc.

Why Therapy Is Helpful:
Therapy provides a positive, encouraging and safe environment and is directed at helping people rediscover areas of strength and resilience within one's life and relationships.  Therapy can offer a positive reflection to what is "good" in life and help amplify these positives, and bring resolution to areas of life where chronic unresolved emotional pain resided and compromised the experience of well-being.


Contact & Information:  My office is located in Fair Oaks Village, just north of the American River.  A session is $125 and I provide a full hour of care instead of the traditional 45-50 minute therapeutic hour.  Please call with any questions and I do my best to return calls on the same day they were received.  I can also be emailed at jon<@>, and I do attempt to return emails throughout the day.

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