Karen Gregory, M.C.

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  • Provisionally Registered Psychologist
  • 10116-102 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 1A1
  • Phone: 780-532-9213
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Karen is a graduate of the Yorkville Master of Counseling Psychology program. She is an effective Provisionally Registered Psychologist and an experienced mental health therapist. Karen has worked with a variety of mental health challenges including addiction, trauma, crisis management and personality disorders. Her approach is from a client-centered perspective, balancing the line between being directive and keeping the client in the driver’s seat. She brings empathy, patience and hope to her work with clients. Karen is comfortable in a variety of counseling techniques and is always looking for more methods to help her clients. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and finds it useful for clients who feel ‘stuck’ in the therapy process.

Karen completed her practicum at Boyle Street Mental Health Services, working directly with clients living with the impacts of trauma and the challenges of depression, OCD, delusions, dissociation and dual diagnosis. With authenticity and compassion she was able to build relationships with individuals who are often mistrustful and guarded. By practicing a non-judgemental attitude toward the past, she helped individuals work toward a peaceful future. Counselling sessions ranged from realistic goal setting and achievement, to coping with current life stressors, to healing past traumas. She also volunteered at the Sexual Assault Centre for two years. This work focused on trauma recovery with clients in various stages of the healing process.

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