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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • 2105 100th St. SE, Everett, Washington, 98208
  • Phone: 425-783-0337
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  • Session Fees: Call for fees. I offer several "Packages" ; I also offer a sliding scale at my discretion. 425=783=0337
  • www.katebowditch.com
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Webcam

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Do you live with feelings of being "not good enough"?

Are you followed by memories that won't leave you alone?

Are there anniversaries that are hard to bear?

Do you keep asking "Why me?"


Together, let's you and I walk back into those places and find a path through them with compassion and healing.

Call:   425-783-0337


About Me: 

I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1996. I took the State Test and became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in 2001.

My office is in my home in Everett, WA --just off the freeway. It is easy to find, safe, comfortable and confidential.

People come from all over Snohomish County and beyond.

                                        Call me for an in-office appointment! 425-783-0337

SOMETHING NEW!!!  Distance Counseling!--- You can now meet with me on your computer from home!

I was a distance counselor for two companies for over ten years. Now I am offering this service for those of you who would like to talk with me, but live too far away, or who cannot make it to my office for any reason.

Your Distance appointment is safe and encrypted. I hold both Individual Sessions, and Groups!! Call or e-mail me to schedule a Distance Appointment!  

                           Phone: 425-783-0337  Email: kbowditch60@gmail.com


I began college at The University of New Mexico (UNM), where I got my BFA and later my Master's Degree. I studied in Boston for two years, and completed a course at the Family Therapy Institute in Pennsylvania. I have further certification in Crisis Recognition and De-escalation, and in Clinical Hypnotherapy. My first work experiences out of college were in the most rural areas of New Mexico, where I quickly learned to see people as individuals, not as groups. 

When you work with me, we liberate the best YOU of you! You are unique.

 My Specialties:

  •   Life-change adjustment, such as death, moving, accidents, shocks...
  •  Childhood issues affecting you now.
  •   Grief and Loss; Disappointments
  •   Moods and depression
  •   Trauma adjustment


My Philosophy:          It's Your Time to Soar!

People are a passion of mine. I have traveled throughout the US, China, the British Isles and South America, absorbing the wonders of all their cultural differences and histories.

My life experience has shown me that every person sticks out of the earth at a slightly different angle from the next person. No two are exactly alike. Every person and every culture is attempting to make sense of this world in a way that allows them joy, hope, optimism and freedom.

I truly understand that there is no "right" or "best" way to live. We must each create our own best path. To follow in another's path leads nowhere.

I've learned that it's OK to get a little help when the going gets rough.

I love the workings of the mind, even when it doesn't behave as we wish it would. In our sessions, you and I work together: I bring all that I have learned, both about life itself and professionally. You bring your best and open mind to re-learn to trust and belief in your own ability (you knew that once!) to create a better future for yourself. It's a great combination!

I believe that we are all born perfect, regardless of shape, size or configuration. It is life that comes at us, and, as we bend and twist ourselves to fit it, sometimes things crack or break.

Lovingly, we can heal those places, and create a better way of being in the world.


Call now for your appointment. 425-783-0337

P.S. A wise man once told me: Every Master was once a Disaster!   Courage, my friend...



·         20-20 Insight; Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis, by Kate Bowditch, 2007, www.lulu.com

·         The Mountain and the Shadow; A Pagan's Journey Into Death, by Kate Bowditch, 2008, www.lulu.com

 ·        The Ghosts of Newgrange; Ancient Ceremony Remembered, by Kate Bowditch, 2011, www.lulu.com

 ·         E-zine.com, Circle Magazine, Journal of American Bonsai



·         www.katebowditch.com       

·         www.katesgame.com 







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