Kevin Culberson, MA, MEd, CCC, CTS

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I have an MA(counseling) from Providence Theological Seminary and a MEd (counseling/psychology) from the University of New Brunswick. During the past thirty years I pastored in four churches in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. My education and work experience has been enriched by my wife and best friend of 35 years as well as our five children. Today our two grandchildren bring us much delight. But life also has taught me many difficult lessons. My formative years growing up in the Woodstock, NB area were marked by my mother's struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and eventual death when I was twenty years of age. My wife and I experienced tragedy  in the loss of our firstborn in stillbirth and our youngest daughter at sixteen years of age, the result of a moose/car collision. The total impact of these experiences has taught me how to offer empathy to those who are dealing with the pain of loss and struggle. I know life presents us with huge difficulties/challenges and heart break. But through it all, I know hope can be discovered as we work through our pain. 

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