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Do you experience fears that paralyze you?  Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?  Heart racing, chest pounding, can't catch your breath, feel lightheaded?  You may be experiencing anxiety and possibly panic attacks.  Thoughts can make us feel out of control, nervous, scared, frustrated, angry, or just uncomfortable.  If you feel stuck, frenzied, and are restricting your life with worries, know that you don't have to keep feeling this way.  I can help you.  
I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in these issues.  My education, training, and life experiences have given me the tools, techniques, and strategies to help you with your challenges and needs. 
I have extensive experience working with adults, children,  and families, and regularly work with clients experiencing anxiety, including panic attacks and PTSD, depression, and relationship issues.  
Additionally I have a specialty in Maternal Mental Heath and Women's Health Issues.  I work with women experiencing anxiety and mood fluctuations related to pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards,  and menopause.  Being a parent is one of the biggest and most difficult transitions in a person's life, and we often feel alone, struggling, and don't know how to handle our new and sometimes scary feelings.  
Menopausal transition is difficult in it's own way because we are bombarded with life stressors, raising children, and helping aging parents.  
My nursing background helps me better understand your hormonal and physical changes that contribute to these challenging and complicated life transitions.   You don't have to struggle alone.  I can help you.  You can and will feel better.
I work in an interactive, collaborative,supportive, solution focused manner to help you effectively address your challenges.  We look at the deeper issues while working on skills and coping strategies so that you can function better more quickly.  With doing both, we are able to help you feel better sooner and more completely.
With me, you can expect personalized care, quality service, and a person dedicated to helping you feel better and reach your goals.  
Call me for a complimentary 20-minute initial phone consultation so you can evaluate if I am the right therapist for you.
Being proactive means are you working towards a healthier, happier, calmer you. 

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