Laura Meehan, MA, LMFT

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What Laura Does...

I am an Integrative and Holistic Counselor helping You...

           - to reduce anxiety and depression

           - to feel less angry and irritable

           - to communicate better

           - to feel more confident and empowered

The benefits I help you to achieve

… Feeling more peace and happiness within yourself.

… Creating healthy relationships and find completion with your past.

… Identifying and resolving past traumas from your childhood and past relationships.

…. Increasing attachment behaviors in order to have better and longer lasting relationships.

... Living more in Harmony and Integrity with yourself and in your life.

... Experiencing more Joy and Peace in Your life.

... Connecting to Your own inner “goodness” and turn off, or at least, reduce the internal judgements and criticisms.

... Clarify your Intentions and Goals so that you can live the life you want.

I facilitate identification of your limiting beliefs and patterns that are not supporting the way you want to be living that is more powerful and authentic of your True Self.

With compassion and acceptance, I teach you very simple techniques to release negative thoughts and stuck feelings. I facilitate an integration of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit so you are walking in harmony with yourself. My approach is Holistic and Spiritual.

By working with me, you'll come into greater harmony with yourself, so that you can draw what you need and want to your life.

What Laura does best...

Population: Adults (male or female)

Session Types: Individual or Couples


I help create greater understanding of your feelings and thoughts and how to express them more skillfully.

I work with Individuals and Couples to you understand and express your values and beliefs. I also help couples communicate more deeply and more authentically, while also increasing listening skills.

I work with singles who are feeling isolated, lonely, rejected and may be self-sacrificing or hiding in an addiction or isolating behaviors. I help you find greater connection, meaning and love in yourselves and your lives.

I bring compassion and humor to your counseling experience. I increase Emotional Intelligence. I facilitate a bridge between your feelings (your heart) and your mind (your thoughts) and help you to bring the two into harmony. I teach very simple techniques that release your stuck feelings and negative thoughts.

Issues I work with:
Relationship Issues including conflict or break-ups,
Communication skills,

Isolation or loneliness,
Depression or UNHAPPINESS,
Self -Acceptance,
Stress Reduction,

Lack of Meaning and Purpose,
Life Purpose/Passion,
Life Transitions,
Social Skills,
Separation and Individuation,
Psycho-spiritual growth,
Women's Issues,
Men's Issues,
Personal Growth.

My Sessions:

My First session is structured to get an assessment and for you to set your goals for your counseling and how I plan to work with you to meet your goals. After that, I let the sessions be what you determine is important to talk about and explore. Sometimes we will try to go deeper, sometimes go for insight, sometime I will teach a skill. I will also give homework to deepen the process or help with understanding and or skills. I keep the focus on your goals.


MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.


Over 2 decades of experience.


I take private pay and Insurance payments. I am on many Insurance panels, but not all. Please check with your insurance company to see if I am in your network. It also helps for you to know your deductible and copays. I will bill your insurance for you.


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Seattle WA