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  • Careers You Love, Inc. Designated Master Career Counsellor
  • 700 W Georgia St, #1500, Vancouver, British Columbia, V7Y 1C6
  • Phone: 604-628-4633
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Free Career Strategy Session

Do you want to find a career you love, make a difference and earn high income? Go to to book your free Career Counselling Strategy Session to discuss your unique career situation. You will get professional career counselling and objective feedback so you can choose an exciting new career and finally be happy at work.

Do you wonder about:
- How can I pursue my career dreams?
- How do I make a good career decision with confidence and certainty?
- How do I set myself up for success and not failure?
- What is my true value when competing for good jobs?
- Do I need more education or skill gap training?
- How do I free myself from dead end opportunities?
- Could I be successful in starting my own business?
- How can I clearly articulate what I have to offer to prospective employers?
- How can I have it all: a great career and a great life? 
I provide holistic career counselling and career coaching services, and you'll be able to identify new career options that you didn't even know existed and find lots of opportunities in today’s labour market. When you follow my results-driven, step-by-step Careers You LOVE System, you'll discover the career you've always wanted and finally take control of your work life and your future. This career counselling and coaching program has a proven, successful track record and it really works - it has been successfully used with thousands of clients!
Eliminate career doubt and insecurity with career decision-making. Move on from career burnout and discover your passions. I believe that everyone deserves a career that matters and that your career should bring out the best in you. As your career counsellor, I will help you define success on your own terms and pursue a career that is truly fulfilling.
I can assist you in transforming limiting career blocks such as stagnation, procrastination, low motivation, boredom, isolation, stress, fear, doubt and confusion. Through career counseling, you will discover a new career vision and make a smooth career transition to a bright future with lots of opportunities. I'll assess your existing career assets so you won't have to start at the bottom of the career ladder - you will be able to build on your transferrable skills, knowledge and education. Let's get started today.
Marlene's Career Counselling Experience Includes: * Co-Author: "Roadmap to Success" with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard * Master's Degree in Counselling (Focus: Career Counselling) * Designated Master Career Counsellor * Certified Job & Career Transition Coach * Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach * Certified Professional Resume Writer * Certified Business Development & Marketing Coach * Featured in Media (Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Journals) *
To book your free Career Counselling Strategy Session, go to - it's never too late to have a career you love.

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