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Mind Spa was founded in 2010 out of a passion for helping people through the tough periods of life.  Life is messy.  There just isn’t any avoiding that, no matter how hard we try.  How we handle and get through the messy seasons of life can make all the difference.  There are a lot of counselors to choose from in Cheyenne and the surrounding areas.  We don’t take lightly the honor of being able to work with each person, couple, and family that I get to work with and who share their lives with me in one way or another.

Our clinic is blessed to have a team of amazing, dedicated therapists who genuinely have a passion and calling for helping those who are in need.  Our team consists of a Licensed Psychologist, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 1 Licensed Professional Counselor, and 2 Provisional Professional Counselors.  We have collective experience of over 45 years as counselors and our experiences have varied.  This means that choosing to get your mental health care at Mind Spa ensures that you will have the opportunity to get paired with the counselor that is the best fit with you. 


Ch. Jim Patterson, M.A., M.Div.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Jim is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Wyoming and Montana plus a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Montana.  His masters’ degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and in Divinity come from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.  Jim has provided individual, marriage, family, and group therapy/counseling in a variety of contexts.  He has worked in the rural and isolated areas of Kansas and Alaska to the big cities of San Diego and San Antonio.  Out of his 22+ years as a clinician, 14+ of them have been spent working extensively with the military and their families as a chaplain and war veteran.  Jim's experiences have included domestic and foreign hospitals and their trauma rooms, community clinics, private practices, and religious institutions.  Issues that Jim has expertise in are post-deployment readjustment and healing, depression, divorce, PTSD, sexual trauma recovery, marital counseling, family therapy, life-cycle adjustment, and a variety of other individual issues.   

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