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  • Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • 226,222 16 AVE NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 4R2
  • Additional Locations:
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      Open Heart Therapy, Suite 226, 222 16 Ave NE
      Calgary, T2E 1J8
  • Phone: 403-689-0581
  • Session Fees: 190$ per 75 minute session

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Registered Provisional Psychologist in Calgary, Alberta. 
I provide professional and confidential counselling services for children, youth, adults, couples and families for a wide range of concerns, in a safe and trusting environment.

I, like you, have felt alone and abandoned countless times. Even when people are around I feel like a burden (nobody likes a Debbi Downer - people lose patience fast) So, the important realization for me during challenging times is that if I let the world defeat me, then I can't keep my promise of being there for others who feel alone, the way no one was there for me in my life. My strong interest and passion for supporting and guiding people on their journey from hurt to healing stems from facing my own undeniable share of adversity during my 38 years on Earth. The very nature of the challenges that I have faced and my countless struggles in enduring and conquering emotional and physical painful situations have made me the compassionate person I am today.
 This soulful and emotional quality – my ability to demonstrate genuine and unwavering compassion – is my greatest asset in the heartfelt therapeutic work I engage in with my clients. My private counselling practice, Open Heart Therapy, has allowed me to help people eradicate feelings of loneliness and suffering, where they never again have to feel like they're fighting a losing battle all on their own.
 "Without darkness, light cannot exist – Faith is about seeing the light with your heart when all your eyes can see is darkness" – Nina
Open Heart Therapy
  • is my personal model of counselling
  • it was developed over 10 years of experience
  • is an integration of humanistic, behavioral and psychodynamic therapeutic approaches
  • the focus is on creating a strong relationship between client and counsellor
  • the client is the expert on their experience and the counsellor is the expert on the counselling process
  • research and my own experience has proven that the healing relationship is at the foundation of success in therapy...regardless of technique and skill
  • my goal is to create this relationship by listening to you with an open heart, especially without judgment

 "Your vision will only become clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." – Carl Jung

 What is trauma and why is it so important to assess?

 A main area of interest and expertise of mine is the treatment of "trauma". I define this term loosely as referring to any stressful event or experience in an individual’s lifetime. Many clients question me when they hear me bring up the trauma word as they feel it is too strong and doesn't accurately reflect their experience and symptoms. They don't think their situation is severe enough to be considered "traumatic" and they are not able to make the connection from their negative experience in the past to their present concerns. I can safely tell you that every human has had this type of experience at least once in their lifetime that has affected them deeply and they haven't been able to fully resolve. Trauma has a layering effect on the mind and body, meaning that it unconsciously affects how a person thinks, feels, behaves, affects their relationships, even their body in the form of nightmares and unexplained physical illness, and is a subjective experience where one person may find something disturbing and another will have a very different interpretation. How I can help is to tease out any "root" or underlying traumatic experiences that you are not consciously aware of, causing you to stay stuck and imbalanced, ultimately leading to the resolution of your most pressing concerns today. One therapy I use is called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR. It is a highly effective approach as it helps people cognitively process, re-balance and re-integrate their memories stored viscerally in every cell of their body.

 After completing a biopsychosocial (medical, psychological, social) assessment of your needs I will:
  • identify your strengths and resiliency during times of duress
  • teach you the power of why and how to live in the present moment
  • help you find effective solutions to your problems through listening to your own intuition
  • be the objective person in your life to reach out to, without feeling like a burden
  • help you realize the privilege of being you, imperfections and all
  • help you achieve balance in your life, especially with your mood and emotions
  • help you cultivate true happiness in your life and in the lives of those around you

Education and Experience
 When I began my undergraduate degree in the year 1996, I was a student in the Medical Sciences. However, I always maintained an interest in Counselling Psychology. My interest led me to complete my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Calgary. I then enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta and I began training to become a Dentist, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2000.

Although I enjoyed learning about medicine for the treatment of “physical” health problems, I continued to maintain a strong interest in “psychological medicine” for the treatment of mental health concerns. This became abundantly clear to me as I began to practice as a Dentist at the university. I realized that although I had the potential to practice successfully as a Dentist, I wasn’t passionate about my career role. As I began to build relationships with my patients, I realized that I had a desire to connect with them on a deeper, more impactful and spiritual level. As a result, my longing to learn about psychological health and my curiosity about human behavior only became stronger.

In 2006, I decided to return to the field of Counselling to give my life more meaning and purpose. I realized that I needed to pursue my passion to help people in distress improve their overall health and well-being in order to live full and happy lives.

I worked at several non-profit organizations such as Woods Homes, McMan Youth Family and Community Services Association, Enviros, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter and YWCA Sheriff King Home, while simultaneously pursuing my Master of Counselling degree at the University of Calgary. I completed my Master’s Practicums at the Calgary Counselling Centre and Providence Children’s Centre. I have had the great privilege to have my clinical work supervised by Pamela Luckhurst, Registered Psychologist and Social Worker.

 "Five passions have governed my life: a longing for love and being in nature, a thirst for knowledge, the attainment of freedom, the enhancement of human well-being through a spirit of compassion and an endless pursuit of creativity and enlightenment" - Nina

Professional Development and Certifications
 In addition to my work experience, practicums, and clinical hours, I have taken the initiative to further develop my skills by pursuing additional training in several different therapeutic approaches:

Crisis Intervention – Crisis Prevention Institute
Suicide Intervention (ASIST) – Centre for Suicide Prevention
Hypnotherapy – Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – University of Calgary
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – Inner Solutions
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – EMDRIA
Chronic Pain Management – Calgary Chronic Pain Centre
Happiness Group (Positive Psychology) – Red Deer Primary Care Network
Guided Imagery, Meditation and Mindfulness - Bellruth Naparstek
Psychophysiological Coherence - Heart Math Institute

Domestic Violence Group for Men & Women – YWCA Sheriff King Home
Gottman Couples Therapy Level I & II – Gottman Institute
Professional Affiliations
Psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA)
College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP)
Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis (CFCH)
"There exists a greater source from which we are all blessed with our individual talents that make us unique human beings" –Nina
 Lastly, I would like to express my innate talent as an artist, which has been my saving grace and helped me re-open and re-connect with my heart after periods of darkness.

This is an area of my life that is spiritual; it is about something much bigger than me. When I draw I don’t think, I get swept away into another dimension where my everyday problems fade away. When my paintbrush touches the canvas I feel connected to the universe and I feel incredibly blessed and gifted. I think, in part, that this feeling stems from the fact that my love for art dates back to my early childhood years. I started drawing before I even learned to write and I have not taken art classes or obtained any formal instruction.

Heart Intelligence
I more recently learned, how creating art activates my heart chakra and now there is scientific research proving that when the mind experiences positive emotions, it activates and changes the rhythm of the heart... and as brain and heart become "in sync" working together synergistically as one system, it creates a scientific phenomenon termed Psychophysiological or "Heart" Coherence, discovered by the research scientists at the Heart Math Institute. You can learn how to shift into this "coherent state" and activate and sustain the energy between your heart and brain to prevent stress producing patterns, increase your mental clarity and gain access to your intuition, ultimately leading to a happier you.
 Please see the Heart Intelligence Page on my website: for more information about Psychophysiological Coherence and how it can help you transform your life.

When I’ve completed a work of art, I am amazed and in disbelief as to how the finished creation came to be! Although I am scientifically inclined and I consider myself to not be particularly religious, my artistic ability reinforces my sense that there has to exist something larger than life.

So far, throughout the course of my life, I can safely say that I have created all of my artwork during the lowest moments and the most challenging times of my life. Becoming re-connected with myself and with the universe as a whole, using my innate talent and my strongest inner resource, is what has been my reprieve in times when I have felt completely defeated, lost, and without hope. Who knew there was a fundamental truth and explanation grounded not only in spiritual teachings but also in modern science for this all along?

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