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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Counselor
  • 2922 Foggy Glen Drive, Valparaiso, Indiana, 46385
  • Phone: 219 989 6022
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  • Session Fees: A sliding scale, based on income is applied for clients who will be paying out of pocket.

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With a Master’s Degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy, I enjoy a thriving private practice helping individuals, as well as couples and families. In addition, I have served for many years as counselor, counselor supervisor and Director of Program Services at Shults-Lewis Child and Family Services, a residential treatment center for troubled teens and their famillies. In that capacity I founded and still direct The Shults-Lewis Family Institute, a training program aimed at addressing problems in communication and in the management of stress, anger and conflict.
In the area of  mental health, I have provided individual and group counseling to patients at the psychiatric unit of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. At Capstone Treatment Center in Arkansas, a residential treatment facility for addicted teens, I led groups and participated in individual and  adventure therapy.

In private practice I work with a diverse population. I do not specialize in addictions treatment or the treatment of very young children or perpetrators of domestic violence. I especially enjoy helping people achieve stress relief through the use of guided imagery, relaxation techniques and, if it seems appropriate, hypnosis.

I help my clients  make positive changes, solve problems, and find growth and  healing through partnering with them, not by providing a "cure". Change happens when we accept that it’s about time, we believe we have the courage to take the necessary steps, and we can feel that the discomfort of staying where we are is greater than the fear of changing.

Once you’ve decided to look for help, you’ve overcome the first obstacle. This in itself is  therapeutic. Working with me, you will feel hope and support, as well as receiving solid instruction and counsel. Another benefit of working with me is that I improve the quality of my practice every year. I enjoy attending conferences and using the latest knowledge about mental and behavioral health and about healthy relationships. At those conferences, and through other professional channels, I am in close contact with a great number of expert and celebrated therapists. As a result of my ongoing training and connections, I use state-of-the-art, in addition to tried-and-true methods. Working with me,  you can rest assured that you will always get honest feedback given with care and respect for your feelings. When I give you the space to see your situation from a fresh perspective, you yourself will find ways to uncover the solutions to your problems, and you’ll feel a sense of relief, strength and independence. Then, you can be the one to decide whether you've gotten the help you need, and together we can plan for ending the therapy process. I will work with you as long as you are receiving a genuine benefit. I'll strive to be efficient, as well as thorough, and to give you the best value for the time, money and effort you spend.

My license is effective  in Indiana and Illinois. I am a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. I work and reside in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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