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 People who are willing to know, trust and evolve themselves, are able to recognize what areas of their lives to change and develop.
Emotional pain, highly stressed life circumstances, tense relationships, are often the clues which point to where the most fruitful results will emerge, once someone looks closely and changes their approach to such dynamics.
During our Systems/Relational therapy, our work will encourage you to feel and believe your inner truth.  Your daily and longer term life decisions, giving and receiving love in relationship, will then be able to improve.
In all sectors of my counseling sessions, you will discover who you are and who you are not, as well as clearly define what is and what is not, your area of emotional and psychological responsibility in a particular relationship.
Very often the relationship patterns we develop as small children, continue as hidden assumptions and expectations about ourselves and others.
Can you recall making a decision as an adult, based on what you were expected by your parents to believe about yourself? 
A child who was disciplined in a way that felt humiliating, may become the adult who behaves in a subservient way toward those who hold power in this person's life.  
This same adult may also be distant from a partner, or overly strict in disciplining their own children.
Being shamed, neglected or taunted during someone's growing up years, often sets a deep fear that trusting others may lead to similarly painful outcomes.
It is when new space in your inner world opens through the relationship therapy's process, that you will discover how enjoyable you and your life are!
Because our therapy sessions are from 60-80 minute duration, we generally meet every other week.
Our session meeting duration and interval allows more depth than the common 45-50 minute sessions.
I also save you money by less frequency in my office than typical weekly sessions!
 My formal education is as follows:
Hunter College. Bachelor of Arts, Special Honors Curriculum, Phi Beta Kappa 1977
Yeshiva University School of Social Work. MSW 1981
Ackerman Institute for the Family. Clinical Externship Program 2003
Professional Organizations: NASW 

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