Sheryl Guest, B.C.M., ACCC

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Sheryl is an Associate Certified Career Coach, has a Certificate in Counseling and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Sheryl’s coaching logo includes a caterpillar and a butterfly. “There are so many things in our lives that direct our path... career, family, finances, health, even ministry. Sometimes that path deepens and becomes a rut and then it starts to close in over us like a cocoon. We forget that we have choices. We lose sight of our goals or somehow just can’t achieve them. Those things were never intended to box us in, they were intended to help us fly. Coaching allows me to watch people push back the walls that were closing in around them. Out comes a beautiful butterfly who is still responsible in their career, family, finances, health and ministry but this time, they are flying! It’s a beautiful process to watch!”

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