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Along with social duplicity today in our overcrowded cities, the redemption of forgiveness brings alleviation from suffering . Since many older adults generally fear self-help and goal-setting exercises, many good psychologists get confused and end up condoning human dependencies. Sometimes the only way to access the cause of these co-dependancies is through our Higher Power.
Pain is accessible through our Higher Powers. In order to reframe the negative, painful, picture, and eventually eliminate it altogether, we have to be able to form an "Ideal Modal". Since children can 't recognize, in most cases, the good adult role model from the bad (and even some adults can't tell), children naturally blame the wrong person. Even a very astute child can form the wrong impression. Sometimes modifying the student's perception(s) can take years of treatment!!
"Your Daddy wasn't even there.. He was away on business.". " That's just it, Mom. You got it!" In this latter approach, the child ,finally , in our practice, learns to separate the good from the bad picture. In some more advanced cases, where children don't heal because of the degree of disenfranchisement when someone dies, and when families don' t wish to heal, children aren' t able to get the love and/or support they need, and discontinue therapy. The children in our practices who go onto achieve success in their daily lives are very emotionally attuned to adult differences - similar to my own years in analytic training with Dr. Edwin Knoph, MD., the father of reconciliation. I believe in this theraputically mild degree of catharsis, and don't generally administer with drugs. Rather, Instead, I deeply stimulate client brains with my "Deep brain Sonar" the low vibrations of sharks, whales, and dolphins or classical music. This also works in freeing up frozen PD (Parkinson's ) patients. My own father, who recently fought a long, hard battle with PD, passed away at the ripe old age of 80. The language loss Daddy experienced was most poignant. At the end, the family and I, the CNA, sang children,'s songs. On Daddy's deathbed, we sang, Hatikvah - Hymn of Hope. Did he suffer an addiction? He was a little alcohol- dependent that's all. I think the family loved Daddy very much, and was very sad to see him go.

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