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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker)
  • 10632 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Suite 100, Columbia, Maryland, 21044
  • Phone: 410-206-8573
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  • Session Fees: Free initial 30 minute consultation. Regular sessions are $150/hour. Discount offered if you don't have "out of network" benefits.

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Hello and welcome!  Here is some background information about my training and eduction, and a little more about who I am. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 1997 from St. Mary's College of MD and then obtained a Master's degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work in 2002 with a focus on mental health.  My professional career began at the Howard County Health Department Addictions bureau doing individual and group therapy with adolescents, where I worked for 4 years. For the next 5 years, I worked at the Kolmac Clinic which is an intensive outpatient substance abuse program for adults, again doing individual and group therapy.  To further my education, in 2010 I completed a lengthy trauma certificate program from the Advanced Psychotherapy Institute. As a result of this training in particular, my overall approach to therapy has become more holistic (incorporating not just the mind, but the body and spirit as well). I have learned so much from my clients and I am continuously awed by the resilience of the human spirit to heal and grow despite tragedy and pain.

I had a part-time private practice since 2008 while working at Kolmac, but recently decided to take a leap of faith and join Blake Psychotherapy & Associates in November 2012.  I had to leave behind the job security I had, and embark on a new adventure of private practice. I love being part of this wonderful group of women, and I'm excited to be doing what I've always wanted to do and am so passionate about! I am very grateful for having a job I love, and I don't plan on retiring!

On a personal note, in my free time I enjoy yoga, indoor rock climbing, drawing, reading, cooking, walking in nature, and attending all sorts of inner growth/transformation workshops and classes. I believe that a good therapist "walks the talk."  All human beings have an endless capacity learn about themselves and grow in meaningful ways, and the best way for me to provide good therapy is to continue that journey throughout my life.

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