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Are you feeling stuck, anxious or discouraged? Feeling unfulfilled or overwhelmed? Are there issues or memories from the past that seem to intrude into your present life? Do you isolate or avoid? Are you experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety, relationships, work or sleep? Are you looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or considering a move in a new direction in your life?
I'm here to help 
I consider it an honor to walk with you as you begin to explore and navigate issues that challenge you and hold you back from living a full and present life. Therapy will be tailored to your individual needs, using a variety of techniques designed to gently explore the feelings, thoughts and behaviors which make daily life difficult. Some clients need feedback and direction, while others appreciate a focused listener who is able to ask key questions. In session you will be able to explore various issues in a safe environment with my support. 
Gentle Collaboration
We will work collaboratively when you come to consult with me at Schumacher Therapy, my private practice, located in my home. I have extensive experience as a therapist in the mental health field, having worked at Creative Health, Fellowship Health Resources and Life Counseling/Rehab After Work.  I specialize in working with trauma survivors and consult with people who are experiencing challenges with mood, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, dissociation, post traumatic stress, issues around childhood sexual abuse, relationship and career challenges.
Respecting your Pace
Our work will be tailored to your unique needs.  Together we will create a safe place and focus on a powerful, emotion based treatment, allowing you to discover and work through the impact of experiences which affect your life.  We will work at your pace to reduce chaos which seems to be unmanageable.  We will explore being kind, curious and aware, with yourself and others, as you take steps to recover and heal.   

Therapy can be short term, to address a current difficult situation, or longer term, designed to explore old thought patterns and guide you, with compassion and understanding, as you shift toward making healthy life choices.
I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Narrative Therapist, currently PhD (ABD-all but dissertation) in Marriage and Family Therapy at Eastern University. I earned a Master of Arts in Clinical & Community Counseling Psychology from Eastern University and have trained at the Narrative Therapy Centre in Ontario, Canada with Angel Juen and Ruth Pluznick.  It might surprise you to know that my Bachelor of Arts, from Plattsburgh State University, is in Music.   
Professional Affiliations 
I am a member of:➻ Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society
➻American Counseling Association (ACA)
➻American Association of Marriage & Family Therapist (AAMFT)
➻North American Master’s Level Psychologists of PA (NAMP)
➻The American Psychological Association (APA).

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