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And, are Hurtful and Harmful Experiences from your Past continuing to have a Negative Impact on your Relationships and how you Feel, Think, and Act?

If so, the root cause is likely due to Unresolved Emotional Pain that has accumulated throughout your life.

Emotional Pain From...
> Relationships where you were Hurt, Let Down, Mistreated, Criticized, or Taken      
    Advantage of
> Times you felt Not Good Enough, Rejected, Unimportant, Humiliated, or Shamed
> Losing People or Pets you loved
> Abuse
> Guilt or Regrets
> Traumatic experiences
> A not so wonderful Childhood
I could go on and on, but you get the point.  

When it comes to Emotional Pain, out of sight is NOT out of mind and Time does NOT heal all wounds.    

However, the right Action, Tools, and Techniques do!  It is Never too late, or Too Early, to truly Heal and Resolve all of the pain from your past - AND all of the problems that it is causing you now - once and for all!  
The Right Actions, Tools, and Techniques will lead you to Getting UnStuck and Losing the Emotional weight that is holding you back.  It's amazing how Fast you can Move Forward when you are finally free from what's been holding you back from being your best.  


  • Taking charge of your life and making it just the way you want
  • Breaking Free of your past and patterns
  • Trusting yourself and others again
  • Effectively dealing with Difficult People without being affected by them
  • Being able to Set Boundaries and say No without feeling Guilty
  • Having Control over your Thoughts and Emotions
  • Having Healthy and Gratifying Relationships
  • Constructively handling whatever life throws your way
  • Waking up and actually looking Forward to the day
  • Feeling Confident in who you are and what you are capable of
  • And Finally feeling Happy and Proud of Your Life and the Person You are

Those are just some of the benefits that occur when you properly process the pain from your past.

Processing the pain does NOT mean talking about everything that's happened over and over so that you understand it and gain insight.  Insight is valuable, BUT it is not enough.

I use Proven, Cutting-Edge techniques that have been shown to have permanent effects and work 50% Faster than traditional therapy. That means that you Quickly start seeing and feeling improvements in your life and how you feel, and that the changes Last.

Why is it Important to HEAL (Not dwell on or re-live) Past Hurts to Improve the Present?

That which is unhealed and harbored Hurts us, Limits us, and Dis-empowers us. It lowers Self Esteem, fuels overreactions, weakens our immune system, inhibits our capacity to trust, and blocks our ability to succeed in many areas.

One of the reasons why anxiety, depression, and relationship problems can be hard to overcome is that the memory of a negative experience can get "stuck" in your nervous system (in the Right Side of your Brain). This creates symptoms that are sensitive to getting re-activated or "triggered" by current situations.

Healing and Dis-empowering the pain from your past or loss does Not have to be a long and dreadful process though.

    Relieve your pain and reach your goals in a matter of Months vs. Years

    Research shows that therapy is Most Effective and significantly Quicker when it treats Both Sides of the Brain. Traditional Talk Therapy only accesses the left side of the brain.

    My approach incorporates both sides of the brain and is customized to you. I combine Cutting-Edge Brain-Based Healing Techniques, Traditional Talk Therapy, and Proven Practical Tools.

    As systematic as that sounds it doesn't feel that way at all. My unique, easy-going, down-to-earth, and honest style makes it natural and enjoyable. I have a passionate belief in being 100% Authentic with my clients and I'm invested in their success. My clients Know and Feel how much I deeply care and how Genuine our Connection is. That's what makes our Work Together even more Powerful and Effective.

    You may (understandably!) feel skeptical or think that it all seems easier said than done. I get that and know there are many valid reasons for you to feel that way.

    And, I don't mean to convey that it is easy, even scheduling your first appointment can be incredibly difficult. What I do mean is that it IS Absolutely Realistic and Possible for you to achieve all the benefits above. If you are Open-Minded and Committed to Taking Action to improve what hasn't been working, then with the right help therapy can be life-changing.

    AND, guess what else?

    Suffering, Settling, Struggling, and Suppressing is Much Harder than what Changing your Life and your Relationships for the Better Involves.

    So, regardless of whether I am the right help for you, My Point is that Effective Solutions and the Right Help Exists - Things CAN get dramatically better and in less time than you think.

    Are you So Ready to take the first step to making a positive difference in your life?

    Are you wondering if we're a good fit and how I can help you personally?

    If so, then I invite you contact me right now to schedule a Free 20-minute Phone Consultation.

    To schedule your free 20-minute consultation you can Email me at drtaryn@thrivetherapeuticcenter.com -OR- Call/Text 661-878-7423

    With Support, Encouragement, and a High-Five for actively seeking out a solution,

    ~Dr. T

    One last thing, if this is your first time trying therapy I encourage you to contact at least 1-2 other therapists. It can be helpful to compare different styles and see who you feel the most comfortable, understood, and natural with. You may talk to a therapist and just Know right away that you like them, that they get you, and that you are a good match, etc. If that happens then you are lucky - Comparison-shmarison, trust yourself and go with them!  

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