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Do you suffer from social anxiety, performance anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias?
Are you dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one or from some other major loss?
Are you coping with a serious medical diagnosis for which you want support and/or body mind work?
Are you struggling with sexual orientation related issues and/or the homophobia of others?
Do you feel that you are not the same gender on the inside that your body is on the outside? 
Are you shocked and upset about your child coming out to you as gay or transgender? 
I am dedicated to confidential, respectful assistance with these and other issues.  I want you to resolve your issues as much as possible so you can begin to feel good about yourself and your life.
I was a late bloomer.  After having had the opportunity to be a full time mother for 10 years, I began work on my master's of social work degree.  Upon receiving it, I worked in Hospice, which was a wonderful and deep experience, and it was there that I realized how much I loved the counseling aspect of social work.  This led me to open a private practice, which I have had for 20 years.  Seeing people work through their problems and start to enjoy their lives gives me great joy. 
I am a clinical social worker specializing  in:
> general anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, panic attacks, phobias
>medical issues
> grief
> sexual orientation
> parents and family of LGBTQ individuals
During the beginning years of private practice, I saw how almost all people have been affected by some kind of trauma, large or small.  I began to train in methods of resolving those traumas, realizing that trauma relates to nearly every issue.  Even minor trauma typically produces some degree of anxiety, so I enjoyed finding methods to help anxieties of many kinds--general, social, performance, panic attacks, and phobias.  As a result of a series of untimely and tragic deaths in my life as well as some serious family health concerns, I was also drawn to helping people in grieving situations and with those dealing with medical issues.
Several close LGBT friends began educating me in the difficulties the LGBT community faces.  This led me to educate myself further and I developed a very strong pull to working with members of this community.  I have also sometimes been asked to see the parents of an LGBT individual and have seen that they, too, are usually struggling.  So I began to work with this group as well, sometimes with the LGBT person present as part of helping them come out to their parents (if they have asked for this help), and sometimes separately. 

In addition, I regularly work with people dealing with:
> relationships/family problems
> life transitions 
> spiritual/life purpose/growth 
> self esteem
> work issues
I offer traditional face-to-face sessions. Phone or Skype sessions may be possible in certain circumstances.
You have health and goodness in your very core, and this cannot be damaged or destroyed.  However, every person has had certain emotional wounds from living on this earth, and these can cause a person to believe something is wrong with them.  People have parts of themselves that may get out of balance because of these wounds, and this causes them more pain.  One method of trying to feel better is to develop a mask to keep safe and get the approval of others.  Other methods may be trying to control others, overworking, perfectionism, addictions, and more.  One part that almost everyone has developed is an inner critic, which can be vicious and harmful at times.  The goal of therapy is to heal the original wounds with as much ease as possible and come to love and acceptance of oneself. This process allows more confidence and happiness in life.  I find that there is rarely a problem or issue that cannot be helped, either partially or fully, by people who are motivated to feel better.  I love being part of this process.
For the record, I am a gay and transgender affirming therapist and solidly against conversion therapy in any form. 
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