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My name is Tim Champlin and I am a therapist at Healing Paths located in Bountiful, Utah. I am a Certified Social Worker. I received my Bachelor in Social Work degree from Utah Valley University and a Master in Social Work degree from The University of Utah. I became a therapist because I strongly believe in every person’s potential for development and growth, no matter where they’re at in their life. It is my hope that I can be a guide in this process with the clients I work with.

I have a sound understanding of ethical practice and what that looks like. I have been educated and trained in different forms of therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction for Teens. I have a wide variety of experience in working with different populations. This includes elementary school aged kids, teens, and adults. I also have experience working with people of differing socio-economic backgrounds.

 My approach is mostly client centered therapy. A client must have their own goals and motivations, otherwise they may not have the determination to work. I understand that a client’s goals are reached through the client’s desires and effort and that a therapist is there to provide guidance and perspective.

With this in mind it is also important to me that a client be open to feedback and be willing to look at themselves and situations in a different way than they usually do. This can lead to a more genuine growth.

I have the ability to connect and build strong professional relationships with clients. My clients can expect to have my unconditional positive regard as we work together. They can expect my office to be a safe environment where they can be who they are and express themselves freely without judgement. My clients can also expect me to be genuine and share my feelings honestly, as this models healthy relational behavior. My clients can also expect me to be empathetic to their situations. This is what can start to build a strong therapist-client relationship.

 The benefits of doing therapy with me include gaining the interpersonal skills that will heighten the client’s quality of life. This could be learning the skills to have healthier and more satisfying relationships with friends or family members, or developing the skills to be able to look at yourself in a more loving or compassionate way. Benefits from working with me can also include the help to stop unwanted behavior and start desired behavior. It is my goal to continue to grow as a therapist so that I may continue to provide quality services.

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