Windy Solla, MSW, RSW, Psych. D Candidate

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  • Registered Social Worker/Counselling Therapist,
  • # 2, 45975 First, Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2P 1W2
  • Phone: 604 402- 4011
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  • Session Fees: Service fees start from $85. We accept cash or cheque payments. A Sliding scale is available. Services are covered by many extended health care plans. Please check with your plan regarding coverage.
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Life's challenges: (Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Mental Health, Anger Management? 

Heartaches: (Separation, Divorce, Grief and Loss, Relationship, Chronic pain...)?

Tough times: (Work burnout, Financial stress, Chronic illnesses, Career counselling...)?

These feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to cope with. Facing them alone may worsen the situation. Get help from a Counselling Professional... Windy will work with you to build new strategies and connect your thoughts, feelings, experiences and memories to ensure your inner strengths 

 Windy holds a Diploma in Nursing,  worked for 4 years as nurse, then went back to school for a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master of Social Work and a Graduate Certificate in Child and Youth Mental Health, and now a PhD candidate, in Clinical Psychology. He has acquired solid counselling skills through working in hospitals and Residential Care Facilities within various communities as a social worker. He also provided his support to the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture in counselling refugees and their families who are severely impacted by wars' traumas. He has a proven record in counselling not only with youth and seniors with Addiction and Mental Health issues, but also with people experiencing grief and loss, anxiety, anger management issues, stress and depression. He has a solid background in group therapy. Windy is regularly invited to do presentations both in the community and within academic settings such as, University of the Fraser Valley, BC and Brock University, Ontario...
He works in both English and French. 
 Windy's practice includes a broad spectrum of clientele and he addresses multiple needs. He uses a variety of approaches such as, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you identify, explore and resolve recent or established issues that are acting as barriers to your health and wellness. He is committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment in order for you to share your life challenges. He will work together with you to draw a care plan. This will provide you with a progressive, solid healing and wellness plan.  Some people ask Windy this question,"why do you always have to say that you will work together with people who come to you for help? Aren't you an expert in your field?"
 His response has always been the same: He does not see himself as an expert, but rather a "box with efficient tools" He cares compassionately for people who come to his office. He believes that the uniqueness of each individual deserves an individual approach. Therefore he practices Active Listening for those who suffer with diverse issues to feel respected, accepted, safe and comfortable in his office. This builds a trust relationship which allows one to disclose confidently, and the other to search for the best tools relevant to that specific situation which they both discuss and agree to utilize. As a therapist Windy strongly believes that his therapeutic relationship is like a partnership or a collaboration than expert/client. He respects people's autonomy and freedom of choices... That is what he means by working together with you.  
Crime Victim Assistance Approved Counselling Therapist 
First Nation Health Authority Approved Counselling Therapist 

Stolo Nation Health Services Approved Counselling Therapist
Canadian Veterans Affairs Approved Counselling Therapist
Member of the British Columbia College of Social Workers. # 11779
Member of Canadian Association of Social Work                   # 1006225
Member of British Columbia Association of Social Workers  # 1006225

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