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Jill Weldum, MA, LMFT, CCPT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Play

528 Oak St., Syracuse, New York 13203

Sexual addiction can consume your life...whether you are the addicted person or the person who loves them. I have worked with people struggling with sex addiction for many years, and know the steps needed to begin the path of healing, or move further on that path. Sexual feelings are inescapable for most people, which is why it requires a different approach than standard addiction treatment based on AA. We will work together to heal the wound underneath your addiction and create a healthy relationship for you with your sexuality. If you are the partner of a sexually addicted person, we will work towards healthy boundaries that will help you handle your loved one's addiction.

Douglas Goldschmidt, LCSWR

Clinical Social Worker

50 Presidential Plaza, LL5, Syracuse, New York 13057

I believe that chemical addictions generally require specialized treatment first to end the chemical addiction. I then can work with the addictive behaviors and thoughts. Chemical and behavioral addictions, such as sexual and Internet addictions, require that the therapist offer a compassionate space where the client can face the addiction's origins, its meanings, and its effects on their lives. As therapist, I help the client sit with their pain and often shame, working to see the addictions for what they are, and then moving towards new emotional and behavioral coping behaviors that offer the possibility of a healthy future.

Patricia Petrone, M.S., LMHC

NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist

98 North Avenue, Webster, New York 14580

Are you wondering if your behavior is an Addiction? Clients often seek out therapy because they feel unsure about whether or not they're addicted. Sometimes, they are sure and have realized that they can't kick the illness alone. From chemical dependency addiction, to gambling, food, sex, pornography, or relationship addiction, the disease is truly debilitating. Addictions tear families apart, causing legal and monetary issues, divorce, as well as thousands of physical fatalities every year as a side effect. Despite the prominence of addiction today, there is hope and help waiting for you! I have years of experience treating addicts and helping them regain their lives successfully.

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